The rush to socialize the Enterprise continues with Blogtronix

When Salesforce copied Facebook a week ago and put social information into its service with a new service called Chatter it got me to look around at what else was out there for Enterprises. Companies like SocialText, Jive, Yammer and others are out there. But Blogtronix was showing up on my Twitter feed a lot and people told me to take a fresh look at the company’s offerings, which had been updated in the past week too.

So, I invited Blogtronix founder Vassil Mladjov over for a chat about what’s happening in the enterprise space. We spend 30 minutes talking about the competition and getting a look at Blogtronix’ latest offerings. Good chat about how the way we’re working together is changing quite a bit thanks to innovation in the consumer space from Twitter and Facebook.

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8 thoughts on “The rush to socialize the Enterprise continues with Blogtronix

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  2. so much social media copying each other pepole don't catch up to it,intersting to see what Salesforce has to offer.

  3. They've gone completely after the Enterprise and not worried about building a consumer service like Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, et al. Yeah, that's the same company, but since then they've moved to being a more complete content management system including a social feed. Seems to have gained a few fans since making these moves, too. What do you think?

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