1. This is the positive force of globalization; multinational corporations and individuals can unite to be a force of good as well. Google can afford to do what US as a nation cannot.

  2. This is known as enlightened self-interest. Google is being good because it's that rare business case that recognizes that what's good for the world is good for itself. It's also good PR.

  3. Chinese censorship will ultimately have a sting in its tail – they're not going to be able to stay competitive if the fastest-growing parts of the internet are hidden from them.
    Hopefully the loss of Google will help to demonstrate that, and help put the wheels in motion to remove censorship country-wide.
    Having said that, China hasn't got a very large technology sector – its mainly industrial and manufacturing.. perhaps they see the internet as an Entertainment tool, rather than a productivity tool?

  4. Bravery? Pa-lease. This is about protecting their own skin and finding a reason to get out of a place they don't want to be and score some publicity points in the process (enlightened self interest as Jeff said).

    Their outcry against censorship is the height of hypocrisy. If they are so outraged about it, why don't they stop they stop censoring political and religious topics they don't support?

  5. Same here. Google went a bit closer to their moto of “do no evil” today with this move. Here's to hoping that other online companies will follow suit!

  6. Hardly bravery. At it's core, I believe, every move is calculated to garner greater share and revenue opportunities.

  7. Dramatically change the world? Since when does the world revolve around Google?

    I'm also uncomfortable with the notion that any corporation is above the laws of the countries where they operate. While I don't support the kind of censorship China demands, we start getting into very dangerous territory when corporations start blackmailing governments into changing the law to suit there own purposes.

  8. I am SOOOO proud of Google right now!!! GOOD for them. It is not right what's happened. No company should stay in a partnership where abuse exists. Cut the cord and move on. I suppor Google and hope the stick to their guns and don't back down.

  9. I'm proud of you, Google, for your China stand…It is not too often that corporations behave in a manner of good morals over a manner of money. I will remember this when I vote for you with my purchases.

  10. I couldn't agree more. Fine for Google to decide they don't want to do business in a country because they don't like the laws but it is hardly noble. No company should be above the laws of a country where they operate. There are many other search engines in this world and yes some are better than Google. The world does not revolve around Google and Apple, the tech centric part of the new media “journalists” do.