Hey, Apple, you have mobile competition…

Last week at the Google IO conference they handed everyone a Sprint 4G EVO phone. It’s the third Android-based device I’ve had in my hands in the past seven months.

The previous two times I quickly went back to the iPhone.

This time the Android is sticking. Why?

Look at this thread of dozens of “pros” and “cons” comparing the iPhone to the Sprint.

But, really, a call I had with my boss said it all. I called him:

“This is Scoble.”
“You’re not calling me on your iPhone, are you?”
“Why do you say that?”
“Because I can hear you.”

I’ve now done that test with lots of people. Calling them first on my iPhone, then calling them back on my new Sprint phone. Every single one of them says “wow.” The clarity is so much better that it isn’t funny.

OK, that’s really not the reason I switched.

How about this?

Last night we went to a party 45-minutes from my house. Maryam was driving. Patrick was in the back seat with his iPad.

I turned on Sprint’s tethering feature. Easy to do, anyone can figure it out now (huge improvement in tethering UI).

Within a minute we were both surfing the web through the phone with nice speeds. I even watched a video as we drove down Freeway 280. I waved at Steve Jobs’ office as we went by and said “thanks for the iPad dude” but damn, is the Sprint phone cool. Oh, did I tell you we were using Waze while surfing? That we could listen to Pandora too? Multitasking rocks, but we’ve laid it all out in the pros-cons thread.

Apple, you have mobile competition now and it’s serious.

Anyone want to buy a used iPhone?