The streaming news disrupter (and how the iPad is changing what we expect from media)

On Friday I had an interesting conversation with Skygrid CEO, Kevin Pomplun. Who is he? He has one of the most popular apps on the iPad and it brings me the news. It’s the news app I reach for now before the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.

Why are streams disrupting other news aggregation systems? Watch the video and find out.

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7 thoughts on “The streaming news disrupter (and how the iPad is changing what we expect from media)

  1. I get it. You are over-PR'd. On message – info overload, stream browsing, relevant, personalized, prioritized, etc etc. It's a shame, really, when it could have been really inspirational. Quit trusting old school PR plays and just talk to us about your ideas.

  2. heres the risk about SkyGrid.

    It assumes Scoble people like you continue to twtitter and retweet good stuff. It assumes Arrington blogs about good stuff..

    If everyone used SkyGrid — the algortithms don't work… So this concept of Information Velocity which allows them to put a value on whats hots. whats interesting, whats trending, etc… largely relies on humans to make that possible.

    Not saying its a bad idea — but it won't work if SkyGrid replaces people using Twitter or FB…

  3. Okay, so suppose you tell it you want to see sports news about golf. That's fairly specific, but is it personalized? “News about golf” is still a lot of news; it's still information overload. That's what Skygrid is supposed to solve, in part, by making their golf-news stream more personalized.

    Suppose you're a retired farmer in Saskatchewan who plays in golf tournaments with your retired friends. What you want from your golf-news stream is to hear the latest results from the golf tournaments in the prairie provinces. Now suppose you're the owner of a golf pro shop in Florida. Now what you want is news about the latest equipment, trends, and deals.

    My point is that Skynet may have specific streams, but those streams can't be “personalized” if you don't tell it who you are as a person.

  4. i like the fact that even in an iPad world he still has 3 honking Dell monitors behind him…not to say the iPad isn't a great device but that 3 screen experience is tough to beat at times!

  5. If you tell it you want to see business news about AAPL and I tell it I want to see sports news about golf, isn't that personalized?

  6. I don't understand how they can show me a personalized stream if they never ask me about my personality and don't track anything about me as a person. Different people have different tastes. Services like Facebook,, and have interesting methods of figuring out who I am.

    Also, “Skygrid”? Didn't they see Terminator? (Yes I know that was Skynet, but the word Skygrid reminds me of Skynet.)

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