Off the grid vacation (geeky way to say "road trip")

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It’s been a while since I, well, just stopped writing the blog, reading Twitter, talking on Facebook or Google Buzz, etc, and just hung out with the family. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I’ve done that for more than a day or two while flying or something like that.

For the next two weeks we’ll be hanging out on a beach down in Southern California, just, well, trying to be present for my family. Fred Wilson’s post on the topic made a big impact. Too often I’ve been staring at the iPhone or working on a video to be present for those who I love.

Anyway, see you on the other side. My calendar says I’ll be on vacation until July 20th, but we’ll see how long this off-the-grid vacation lasts. Where are we going? Our custom Google Map shows some of the places we might be seen in next few days.

Oh, and just to tempt me, the place we’re spending most of the time at, Sunset Cove, just tweeted that they upgraded their wifi network. Ahh, getting off the grid will be a challenge!


  1. You should come out to Yellowstone some time (I know that has a sentimental place for you). Half the park has no WiFi, no Cell phone access. If you stay on that side, you'll be forced to avoid connecting for the majority of the time you're there. We'll be doing that this summer.

  2. I posted this on Facebook. But I do think we should start a pool on how many days until our dear friend gives in and gets back on the grid. 1 day? 7 days? No way I believe that he can do this for 21 days!

  3. Some of my favorite memories are in Yellowstone. My mom lived 20 miles from the northern border and I learned where all the wifi is. Took some of the first digital photos of Old Faithful with an Apple Quicktake, by the way.

  4. Hah…I hope you can “disconnect” … I just went through this (a whopping 4 days) and found coming back refreshing. Limiting information can be a good thing, enjoy!

  5. The horror, the scourge…not sure we will be able to survive the lack of news/hour-long-videos about pointlessly-soon-to-fail start-ups and petulant Twitter and Facebook politics, and general tech insider-baseball narcissistic-personality-disorder techie superstar happenings and trivia. Hope the world still spins.

  6. Pssst… YOU can stay off the grid impressing Maryam and have Patrick feed you updates. In fact, tell him to intentionally screw up the facts and it will be just like reading…. (fill in the blanks)

    Have a great time. Take lots of pics and make lots of memories.

  7. Disconnection is not the connection we seek. Nor is “balance”. As actual balance is a 'flat-liner'. Communications is a song best sung in harmony.

  8. “OFF The Grid” but powered by a LOT of back-end support and tecnhology. Lead-acid batteries, generator, solar cells – all of which was made – in Belize? HA! All that nice off-grid stuff was made where there IS a power grid – or else it could not have been made at all. You just shift the sound / mess elsewhere in order to have some power – and due to the rules and regulations imposed on everything you MUST have some power or else you not allowed to have food anywhere!
    As for generator noise – remembe those sound-muffling boxes they had for the line printers and dot matrix printers back in the 80s and 90s? They have the same for generators so it cuts the noise down to 65 db – and people talk louder than that.
    Support for Technology

  9. Sometimes its good to take some me time and step back from the grid to see things afresh. Have you thought of doing something you did as a child, like riding a bicycle, or sitting in a field of flowers? I tried it and what I got was a surge of energy, the kind kids seem to have plenty of. You know Picasso mentioned several times about being childlike, think he was referring to curiosity and the energy that comes with it. He should know, he lived into his 90's. Cheers mate

  10. Technically, to get “off the grid” you'd have avoid drinking the city's water, and not use their electricity. You're on the right track though ;)

  11. the kind kids seem to have plenty of. You know Picasso mentioned several times about being childlike