Blackboard mobile is another example of how mobile and location are changing everything

I’ve been telling people that there have been three major movements on the Web.

The first major movement was pages and search.
The second major movement was social and interactivity.
We’re seeing the third major movement now, which is the addition of mobile and location.

A great demonstration of just how mobile and location are opening new opportunities and changing everything we do is Blackboard’s mobile app.

What kinds of things does it do? Well, it shows you where transit is on your University Campus. It lets you sign up for classes (when I went to college I had to wait in long lines to do that). The app also shows you assignments and grades and lets you interact with other people on campus.

Why is this important to pay attention to?

Well, you might remember that another important company, Facebook, started on college campuses just a few years ago. Enjoy this look and interview with Kayvon Beykpour, vice-president of Blackboard Mobile, at a ground-breaking app for college students, but think about how much our world has changed due to smart phones and location-based services.

This originally was run over on Building43, the place Rackspace and I discover world-changing startups and technologies.