The good and bad of Twitter's new design (exclusive video of press conference)

I was just at Twitter’s headquarters where they announced a new design. I have the only video of the press conference. You can watch here:

I’ll have a deeper post on the good and bad later, but here’s my first impressions:

Overall design: good. I like this overall.
Keyboard shortcuts: good. That makes reading down lists, homepage, and retweet pages a lot faster.
Threaded conversations: good, but could be more.
Retweet page: bad and good. Doesn’t show me how many people are retweeting an item unless I click on the tweet.
List support. bad. It doesn’t add much and makes me click more to get from to all my lists.
Suggested follows: bad. The “people we suggest to follow” page isn’t in the new style yet and no improvements here that I can see.
Infinite scroll: good, you can scroll down forever. Well, @dougw says that there’s a limit, but I haven’t gotten to the end yet.
Home page detail pane: bad, I really could care less about who is following me, or what the latest lame Twitter trends are. Let me get rid of those things I don’t care about and let me add things that mean more to me (like lists).
Follow/follower pages: good. Shows bios and is nicer now.

Anyway, I’m sure there will be lots of feedback on this new design. Techmeme is already going crazy.