First look: New Chrome Webstore app: PostPost brings awesome news reader to your screen (don't miss this!)

If you’ve seen or Flipboard, you have seen hints of what PostPost is doing, but it takes you into Facebook, among your other networks, and shows you the content in a whole new way. Very visual, great for big screens. You gotta see this, I get a first demo.


  1. Looks nice, but they need to not be so tied to Facebook. I can’t watch the video right now but will it be possible to use this with _just_ Twitter? I don’t get my news through friends on Facebook.

  2. Very nice app, but does not support twitter (yet) it seems. SO for now, the on-stop solution remains tweetdeck. Who have a quite nice chrome app as well, with unified timelines. Chrome apps definitely paving the way for experimental and improved ui’s for web!

  3. Looks nifty – but why is it not supporting twitter feeds? Both PostPost, and Flipboard could really use a better graphic design, specially the logos.

  4. This was one of those things on my “other startup ideas” list, and these guys knocked it out of the park – really wonderful UI and approach.
    I’m love seeing people tackle the same ideas, see what they come up with, and this is a winner.

    I really appreciated the info on the facebook “like” issue (a very real issue with the iframe!) and also the pointer to the jquery plug-in.
    Here it is, via URL, for anyone that wants to use it:

    A few observations and ideas

    1. Really need to get Twitter support, rather than just facebook. I’d love to see twitter and quora added next.
    2. It was funny when he said “The buttons are on the left!” when talking about the Chrome version – he recovered nicely and made a good point about the iPad-ification of the UI, but that was funny. ON THE LEFT! :-)
    3. I’d like to be able to “clip” URLs and save things to read later – while the real-time ness is great, part of my problem is waking up and missing what all my EU friends did (or in the case DLD, my US friends who are way ahead of me in time).
    There is still some value to what is doing as well, in terms of time. For me, this is a feature I want in my “online newspaper”
    4. Another feature I want, is to be able to set some sort of priority or group – for example, I want to see things from certain people by groups or twitter lists, to organize my views? (Of course, @Scobleizer on page one, Mom on page 2)
    5. Finally, bonus feature – Is there a view for pictures, like there are for movies? Eg, if it’s a link to instagram or picplz, can I auto-view? And, for bonus, if you do flickr integration, even save or clip them like the URLs? :-)

  5. This is awesome! Love it. Much like people only read the 1st page of a google search I think most people only read the first few posts of their wall. Lets face it its too hard to read down and keep updating – I love this just like Flipboard.

  6. Fantastic! What will these new interfaces do to the facebook monetization strategy, if nobody bothers to go to the facebook site anymore? Will they have to put ads in the login popup?

  7. I’ve been using PostPost for over a month now and it’s great to see it coming to the Chrome Store. Good to know that likes will be re-introduced soon, any idea when that’s going to happen? Thanks Robert!

  8. it’s actually very very nice, thanks for introducing this to me robert,
    but i honestly think its lacking the simple status updates that do not involve any links, videos or pictures, i absolutely hate the facebook timeline, but without the usual text-only status updates you cannot abandon the fb timeline for good :)