Wicked cool: Metaio puts a dragon onto side of a building (and it ain't Arrington!)

No, the dragons in my life aren’t named Mike Arrington, although we did have a fun little debate over on Techcrunch the other day.

When I visited Munich I dropped by Metaio’s headquarters where they showed me their latest augmented reality prototype, which puts a virtual character onto a building. You can see it for yourself.

This was just a little fun in the snow, but later this week Metaio will put its augmented reality expertise to work on a major sporting event. More on that when the embargo ends.

Hope you enjoy this video from the snow of Munich. Damn it was cold! :-)


  1. When I was little, we had to imagine our imaginary friends. This is really just waiting for wearables, to make shared games with virtual participants.
    A game facilitator could build comparable environments in multiple cities, and players could interact with each other (and fictional characters) as if all were in one location.