Feedly takes RSS into the tablet wars, great news reader, first look!

Feedly (an RSS reader built on top of Google Reader) has waned on my screens in the past year as Twitter has become more and more dominant. That’s why Steve Gillmor and others have stated that we think RSS is dead. Dead meaning “not interesting” NOT “dead like Osama.”

But for the past 18 months the Feedly team rewrote their system from scratch especially for tablets.

Why tablets? Well, duh. The world on tablets is exploding and this is where many people are doing their entertainment and news reading. Every night I sit on the couch flipping through apps like Flipboard and Zite, along with Twitter and apps from publishers like Time, New York Times, NPR, BBC, and Wall Street Journal.

So, do we need yet another news reader on our iPads? Well, the new Feedly shows me that yes we do. Watch Edwin Khodabakchian, CEO, show us why on this video first look. Yes, it’s long, but it’s worth it.

How about on Android tablets? Well, Feedly is one of a new kind of apps built mostly around HTML 5 with a little bit of native code to add features that only iOS or only Android can offer.

Within minutes, you’ll see lots of reviews, watch Techmeme for a list, but don’t miss out and get Feedly on your iPad. Get it on iTunes.

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