First look: Scrible, cool new web research, curation, collection tool

Just released today, Scrible (spelled weird), caught my eye at yesterday’s Founder Conference in Mountain View, so I pulled CEO Victor Karkar aside into a noisy cafe to see more.

What does this do? Well, it lets you markup the web. But you really need to see this one. When I first heard Victor describe it I almost wrote it off. I’m glad I didn’t.

See, we often have times when we need Scrible. Here’s some:

1. Looking for a new home, or place to rent. You’ll collect 50 to 200 different places that you want to talk with your friends and family about and compare. Scrible lets you collect all those web pages into one place.
2. Going on vacation? We have just planned out a vacation to Los Angeles in June. My wife, Maryam, looked through hundreds of different rental properties and apartments. She collected them all in email, but that’s a lame place to really do this kind of collection. Scrible is a LOT better.
3. Student research. Looking through the web and online books for information to use in a paper like my son often does for his high school classes? Well, he can pull out quotes and other information, mark them up, and save them into Scrible. After his research is done he can export all these quotes to a document.

But there’s more, and it’s the kind of tool that a simple read of a blog won’t really do it justice. Sorry for the noisy atmosphere in the cafe, but take a look.


  1. It looks like a great new tool, sort of a layer on top of social bookmarking? Do you know if there are plans to make this work with elements that aren’t rendered as HTML text? Images, Flash pieces, Google maps, etc. are still useful in research and storage. I can see taking a page from firebug to capture those elements might be possible.

  2. “Just released today, Scrible (spelled weird)…”

    When I first saw the name I did a doubletake, then figured it was partial homage to you…. ;-)


  3. Pretty cool! apt search on craigslist would have been a breeze using this. It will be great if they had the option to select multiple saved pages and share it with someone. Also, will be great to have an iphone app where you can open any of the saved pages (esp for apt hunting, it will be quite handy to open the ad, get the address, map it, etc). I am sure they have it all planned ;)

    1. Victor – if you are reading this – it will be awesome to have a chrome extension to quickly search the saved pages.

  4. that guy (in the vid) is so excited/passionate about Scrible, how could u *not* give it a shot?!

  5. Diigo has a lot of these tools (sticky notes, annotations). Scrible looks much richer, but I don’t see anything in the current version to make me want to switch.

    1. Yeah, Scrible should have been in touch with the Diigo team to see if they could join forces. Diigo has outlasted many competitors and has a research and education focus which Scrible seems to have based on the examples provided. At this point Scrible html markup is just a small improvement to one of Diigo’s many features.

  6. It is a good concept and is moving in the right direction, I love anything related to curating the real time web, but there are so many tools popping up, the trick is going to be to find the right little niche to fit in.

  7. Very cool, I wish I had this tool in my University/Graduate studies! I look forward to testing it out and seeing how it fits into my current research and curation experience! Thank you, Robert!

  8. Another great find Robert! It would be great to see this work in concert with Yammer which we use to save links for use later.

  9. Wow! This looks great! Can’t wait to use it, especially when it is ready for iPad!

  10. I find myself wanting this kind of tool all the time — apartment hunting like Robert mentioned, browsing technical documentation, learning new languages…I’m really excited to see where this goes.

    I’d really like more of the features, like the personal library, to be more accessible from the toolbar itself, but for version 1.0, really can’t nitpick!