Daily Archives: September 22, 2011

Two apps that show the depth of what Facebook shipped today

Mark Zuckerberg

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced a sweeping set of changes to Facebook. If you, for some weird reason, weren’t aware of the changes there’s LOTS of press coverage over on Techmeme. So, instead of rehashing that, I thought I’d go and talk with developers.

Here’s the insights from them. What are they? Color (a new kind of life-sharing app for mobile phones) and Social Reader (a new kind of social news reader from the Washington Post).

First, a look at Color. Yes, this is the app that was Silicon Valley’s biggest startup “failure” in quite a while. But here it’s back and back in a HUGE way. I really am having fun with this app, which is totally integrated into Facebook and does a lot more than the old version (live video, for instance). Really amazing. Sign up for the beta at http://www.color.com/

Note how they are using Facebook’s platform to hold ALL data. This is a new move for Silicon Valley startups.

Now, let’s look at the Social Reader, from Washington Post. This is a web-based app that sits entirely in Facebook. Now you can see what your friends are reading (and they can see what you are reading). Try that at https://apps.facebook.com/wpsocialreader/

This is most cool.

These two apps show how EVERYTHING in your life will be touched by social technologies. Great stuff.