Exclusive eBay Demos

I recently was honored to get an invite to see inside eBay’s internal skunkworks demos. I was the only outsider that I know of to see their Demo Expo. I saw 24 projects — all prototypes, all for employees only and picked my four favorites. These are those videos.

Video one: The details.
Video two: tagcloud shows eBay reputations — emotionally.
Video three: eBay billboard in Second Life.
Video four: eBay toolbar prototype.
Video five: the eBay To Go widget (the only one of these that’s actually shipping so far).


  1. […] built it? A couple kick-ass eBay employees. Using eBay’s standard publicly-available APIs*. I saw this on Scoble’s blog last month, who reported it from eBay Demo ‘07. From what I gather, eBay Demo is a new-ish internal […]

  2. Demo Day @ eBay

    Vandaag was het weer Demo Day bij eBay. Werknemers die in hun eigen tijd een idee uit hebben gewerkt en met behulp van de open API’s ook een werkende demo presenteren.