Google News linking to "source?" Bull$$$$

David Dalka brought this to my attention where the Google News blog says they are linking to original stories, from the source. This is total bull$$$$.

Google News does not always link to source articles.

Look at tonight. Search on “social web.” ZDNet is there with a story about the bill of rights that I helped author. But where’s the source document? Not there.

Oh, so only “news sources” will get linked to, right? Yeah, and who makes up that fine distinction?

What’s funny is that Google’s own blog post (er, original source material) on this topic doesn’t get linked to.

But it gets worse from there. David Dalka writes that the removal of duplicate material from Google News, thanks to a new deal with the Associated Press, is causing tons of bad PR for Google. He covers the topic better than I could.


1. It’s time to include blogs in Google News. It’s ridiculous that there’s a news organization that reprints my blog, which means my words get onto Google News, but not as posted here on my blog.
2. It’s time you include MORE sources, not fewer. Yes, we know Associated Press gets reprinted all over the world but I like being able to track an AP story and see where it gets reprinted. You should still let us see that.
3. You should absolutely link to the original source material that all these journalists are talking about. ESPECIALLY if it comes off of a blog (as David demonstrates, the lack of blog inclusion really makes Google News suck).

Until then, I’d highly recommend checking out TechMeme and Memeorandum as an alternative to Google News. TechMeme already includes the original source document on the bill of rights conversation.

Any news site that doesn’t link to ALL the original source material will look really crappy, especially in comparison to TechMeme and Memeorandum.

Bill of Rights for participants on the social Web

Continuing on the theme of today is social networking day here’s a Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web.

Marc Canter and Joseph Smarr (Joseph is the head tech guy at social networking company Plaxo and Marc is the founder of social networking company Broadband Mechanics) deserves most of the credit for making this happen. He first shared it with me this weekend and I immediately signed on.

The real problem? Most people just don’t care about this. I know I haven’t in the past. Do you?

Here’s the key parts:

1. Ownership of our own personal information.
2. Control of whether and how such personal information is used.
3. Freedom to grant persistent access to our personal info.

Here’s Joseph’s post on the Bill of Rights.

Please add your comment/support/disagreement at

A day of social networking, 150 million views a day (on RockYou)

Started out this morning having coffee with Dave Davison. One of the most interesting investors in Silicon Valley. That dude knows stuff (was CEO of a few Silicon Valley companies). And people. Told me about things I’ve only been telling a small group of people.

Then over to Stanford to brainstorm about a project I’m working on with them — all using Facebook to plan it out.

Finally tonight a writer for Fast Company was here to pick my brain about social networking.

Oh, and my video with Rock You, one of the hottest application developers for social networks is now up. If you’re building a Facebook app you’ll want to hear how these guys make money and some of the lessons they’ve learned.

Don’t miss this. RockYou’s apps get 150 million views a day. You read that right. A day.

In the video he covers a lot of ground about why Facebook is the hottest application platform for developers to play on today and he talks about how they got 15 million users in three months on that platform.

There’s something else. Oh, yeah. I can’t accept anymore Facebook friends. Got my full quota of 5,000 friends and Facebook isn’t allowing me to add any more. I’m sure you’ll see them sold on eBay soon. For at least a dime. I bet I’ll read that on Valleywag soon.

Now I’m headed home for some real social networking of the family kind. Our new baby is due “any day” (official date: September 12). You’ll read that on Twitter first. Especially now that lets me call up with my cell phone and send text messages to Twitter.

Hope your day was as social as mine.

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