Geeks on video!

We have Betsy Aoki, the BlogQueen of Microsoft. We have Hamid Shojaee, CEO of Axosoft (really cool bug/issue reporting system), And we have Adam Gross, vice president of Salesforce. All on ScobleShow today.

More geeks tomorrow (oh, and another Photowalking!)

Know where Scoble is at every single minute of the day

Yes, I too have joined Twitter. I’m late to the cool kids party on Twitter. How do I know that? A ton of my friends are already in there. You too can see what I’m doing. Ahh, that’s too boring? Well, then, follow Evan Williams around. He’s the founder. Eddie Codel is on there too (he’s my employee, so I can track what he’s doing without calling him and bugging him, gotta get Irina on this). Of course, since we’re sitting at the same table right now, I don’t need to read his Twitter page to know what he’s doing.

Scott Beale says Twitter is being Scobleized.

Little game, who has the most Web 2.0 founders and/or CEOs on their Twitter membership accounts?

UPDATE: weirdly enough a few articles about Twitter just showed up on TechMeme.

FoodCrunch, what happens when VCs get into food

Paul Matteucci, one of the VC’s who funded PodTech, writes a good foodie blog called “FoodCrunch.”

That makes me wonder: who has the best food blog? Even better, who has the best Thanksgiving Day recipes? What’s the best way to cook a turkey? Yes, inquiring geeks want to know this. After all, our families are coming over and we want to impress them with everything we’ve learned on Google in the past year.

Talking about Web 2.0 might be fun for geeks, but it won’t feed your parents.

Oh, and it wouldn’t suprise me if FoodCrunch were acquired by TechCrunch. Imagine a whole “Crunch” family of blogs. Yikes, that’s scary. But why else would Mike Arrington be trying to leave the valley for a couple months? I smell “VacationCrunch” or maybe “SkiCrunch” coming soon to a blog near you.

Anyway, Paul has a whole foodie blog portal up on too, in addition to the blog linked above.

Oh, my groggy head…

Great weekend. In between the sex, drugs, and rock and roll (not really, we’re geeks, remember, but Maryam was serving some sort of cranberry drink that we suspect was spiked which I think is responsible for my groggy head this morning) we visited PodCamp and the over-the-top Laughing Squid party. The later one we visited with a limo, which was fun (Maryam rented it to take Chris and Ponzi and a bunch of other partiers to Asia SF, which is well known for its yummy food and its waitstaff, we’ll let you Google to figure out why they are known for that. Let’s just say it’s a stereotypical San Francisco experience).

Anyway, back to real life. I just threw a bunch of things on my link blog.

Oh, and another thing. We leave for Europe on Friday. More on that later, but there’s gonna be a geek dinner in London next week. Oh, I see my name is on the London Girl Geek Dinner list for November 29th. I guess Maryam is inviting me, cause the only way guys can get into this one is to be brought by a female.

Although, I wonder, could the waitstaff at Asia SF get in?

Back to geek stuff, though. At PodCamp I met Robbie Trencheny of the Teen Podcasters Network. He’s 14 and has dozens of teens doing podcasts. Real smart kid. Patrick and him have been talking. I wonder what will come of that?