SJSU’s podcasting class sold out

Steve Sloan just wrote me and said the podcasting classes that they are doing at SJSU are sold out. It’s great seeing a University innovating and trying something new. Congrats Steve for coming up with a new class and sticking with it, even after it seemed that everyone was against you. (I spoke at the first class last semester and it was a really innovative class — every one is recorded and put up as a podcast).

Windows Vista vs. OSX debate now up

OK, if you like short videos you won’t like these. Move along. Click “J” if you’re using Google Reader.

But, if you’re a real freak like me you’ll probably enjoy two hours of Mac vs. Windows Vista debates with four experts. I love how Maryam ends the second video.

Fred Davis has the details. Yes, we’ve posted about four hours of videos with me and Fred in them in the past two days.

I invited four geeks, representing both sides of the OS aisle. First is Fred Davis, co-founder of Wired Magazine. Second is Harry McCracken, editor in chief of PC World. Third is Sam Levin, founder of Stanford Mac User Group, among other Mac things. Fourth is Jeremy Toeman who worked at Sling Media when I first met him.

This was filmed in my living room. I’m rewatching it now and it’s actually quite fun. Hope you enjoy it, even though it’s two hours long.

It took a while to get into the Windows Vista stuff that’s good (the second hour has more of that, including discussion of .NET 3.0 and what’s good about that). If you actually do watch the video you’ll get quite a bit of historical context behind why these two operating systems have the business positions they do.

I split this up into two parts. Here’s the first hour, and here’s the second.

Congrats to Microsoft on shipping Windows Vista. We did this debate just for you.

UPDATE: Daily Kos has 700 comments on a debate about whether you are a conservative or a liberal just because of your OS choice.

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