Was Origami overhyped?

Yes. The hype got too big too fast. Who was responsible? Dustin Hubbard, Group Manager over on the Mobile PC team. He explains what happened¬†on the Origami team blog. He tells how he didn’t plan for the hype to get so out of control. I was on several radio stations this morning pimping my book […]

Introducing Origami

The video I shot of Otto Berkes, architect of the Ultra-Mobile PC team (now general manager) is now up on Channel 9. Update: John Tokash, director of software development at Homestead Technologies,¬†watched the full video already and says “Great stuff.” Michael Gartenberg also has his first take analysis up. He’s had a pre-production Intel unit […]

Who will hate the Origami?

One of the questions I ask in the video with Origami’s architect, Otto Berkes, was “who will hate Origami?” Now we have our answer, thanks to CNET News.com: Bloggers! OK, now that we got that out of the way, see ya in the morning tomorrow (I hear that we’ll be able to post the video […]

CNBC has Origami

CNBC has video of the Origami. Well, one of them. Channel 9 will have almost an hour with Origami’s architect, Otto Berkes. I hear I should be able to post that video at about 3 a.m. Pacific Time on Thursday morning. We’ll have a MUCH more in depth look at Origami (there isn’t just one, […]

Seeing Origami

Origami: It’s not an iPod killer. It’s not a portable Xbox. It’s not an OQO killer. It’s not a PSP killer. Update: it’s not a Nokia N90 killer either (thanks to Marc Canter for asking about that). Update 2: it’s not a Treo 700w killer either (thanks to Dave for pointing that out). Update 3: […]