Misreading Scoble on Microsoft cry

I agree with Ethan Eismann that TechCrunch took my post a little too far in an incorrect direction. It’s my fault for getting everyone worked up. In hindsight, I probably should have kept my mouth shut until I was released from an embargo. It’s interesting where people are going with this. TechCrunch even followed up … Continue reading “Misreading Scoble on Microsoft cry”

I am not Matt Cutts. Heheh. (More overexposure).

Since I'm in Silicon Valley this week, working a mere mile or two from Google's headquarters (I'm sitting in Microsoft's cafeteria) I wanted to make sure no one confused me and Matt Cutts (Google's top blogger) together, so that's the shirt I'm wearing today. Thanks Matt! (great branding, by the way). Oh, heck, enough fun … Continue reading “I am not Matt Cutts. Heheh. (More overexposure).”

How Microsoft can shut down Mini-Microsoft

Disclaimer, I have not shown this post to anyone, particularly my employer, er Microsoft. The ideas it contains are not vetted, and probably won't agree with anyone else's ideas. OK, maybe you haven't heard about Mini-Microsoft yet, but if you care even a little bit about what Microsoft is, you've probably read his blog (he was … Continue reading “How Microsoft can shut down Mini-Microsoft”

Good nighttime media and other fun discoveries

Indie music by the Los Shoegazers (that's Valerie Landau's son Camilio — I know Valerie through NextNow, a group of intellectuals who hang out with Douglas Englebart, among other smart people). Click down to "I Met You on MySpace." Destined to get at least 200 more plays. Heheh. Sean Coon, can you make me a borg … Continue reading “Good nighttime media and other fun discoveries”