The contextual and exponential future of Facebook

Rocky Barbanica and I visited Facebook’s headquarters today and interviewed a bunch of people for the book “Age of Context” that I’m writing with Shel Israel. What’s the age of context? Five radically expanding technologies/data types. 1. Sensors. 2. Wearable computing. 3. Big Databases. 4. Social network behavior. 5. Location. What will that bring for […]

Why Facebook will be worth a half trillion by 2015: the mobile and open graph revenue it’s leaving on the table

Lots of people think Facebook is overvalued, at about $100 billion (it just released their S1, announcing its IPO). But in talking with developers, like I did with Foodspotting’s founder, Alexa Andrzejewski, and in reading the S1 I see that Facebook has left most of the potential revenue on the table. That makes me think […]