Loren asks “will you switch to Ask?”

Loren Heiny asks the big question: will you switch to Ask? I won’t. Why not? Because of speed. Sorry, a KEY part of Google’s quality (and TechMeme’s, to tell the truth) is that Google’s results come back almost instantly. I just did a search for “Dave Winer” and Ask’s results took about two seconds to […]

Loren on “A list”

Posts “stop crying” along with this video. One thing Loren. What I do isn’t work. I define work as putting a new roof on a building in Dallas in the summer. THAT is work! Me? I just type fast (and often). Or, at least, I hit J, J, J, J, Shift-S fast and often (that’s […]

Loren: Linkbait is for losers

Loren, Loren, Loren. I put a damn softball over your home plate and you whiffed it. I expected so much more from you. While bloggers the world over are giddy with excitement over my coming demise all you can do is say that “Linkbait is for losers?” Damn, you’ve gotten soft ever since PodTech joined […]

The API company: Mashery

This blog is a repeat of one posted to Building43, which is Rackspace’s site to feature world-changing startups. The video interview I did with Mashery’s CEO, is also on YouTube here. APIs are programming interfaces that sit underneath the apps that we all use, and savvy companies are beginning to recognize that they can be […]