The hot thing at Web 2.0 Summit: Photosynth

When I arrived at the Palace Hotel at least 10 people walked up to me and asked “did you see the Photosynth demo?” By the end of the day it was very clear that Photosynth was the killer app of the Web 2.0 Summit and you can download it now. More on the Photosynth blog.

Photosynth is a lot of fun

Michael Martine (not a Microsoft employee) says Photosynth, a new app from Microsoft, is really cool. On10 and Channel 9 have good videos too about this app that lets you build a 3D world from your photos.

Getting inside Salesforce's social acquisition strategy; interview of CEO of $340 million Radian6

Yesterday was Marcel LeBrun’s first day working for Salesforce. His company, Radian6, was just acquired for $340 million (Techcrunch reported it was $326, but LeBrun told me that was wrong and that $340 was the correct number). By a fun coincidence last night I was hanging out with Empire Avenue and Seagate execs at the …