Calling all Web Hosting Companies

Be helpful, even to people who want to take their business somewhere else. It’s a tough thing to do sometimes, but I want to have the most complete list of Web Hosting Companies on Twitter. Are you one? Do I not have you listed yet? Let me know. Leave a comment here.

By the way, I’m making a list of all Rackspace employees too (at more than 200 employees already it’s far from complete). Why? We want to be the most available, most helpful, and most knowledgeable Web Hosting Company out there. Tweet on!

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  1. We are a Rackspace migration partner – we specialise in moving sites / domains / dbases etc. from server to server. Is this worthy of inclusion?

  2. Hi Robert,

    Hosting365 is a Cloud Computing and Data Centre Services provider in Ireland. We post on @hosting365 as well as few team accounts.

    Cheers, Ed

  3. Searching on google for web hosting exposes me to millions of affiliates promoting hosting companies biased with 5 star reviews, how about a list of the best hosts that have untarnished reputation?

    Maybe not just a list, a blog post, I am sure you have heard something about every web hosting company out there. I would give 5 stars anyday to Hostgator but I have only used them for the past 5 years….

    1. Having a built in affiliate program does not necessarily tarnish a hosting company especially when it has a possibility to enhance your income.

      Having a choice is a good thing but there will be pros and cons with any hosting company.

      Hostgator have come a long way over the years wasn’t the Gator Green originally.

  4. I am @webhostinghelp on twitter. I help people [mostly newbies] by answering questions and making webhosting recommendations based on their requirements. I help people with free installation of software too.

    I have connections with all leading shared hosting companies and also a few big players in this business.
    @webhostinghelp http;//

  5. I am not a hosting company but I am an affiliate for Kiosk web hosting and marketing services. I used to host my websites with one company and others products I needed for my business like Autoresponders i had to pay extra for. Kiosk has it all built in plus an affiliate opportunity which now allows me to have Free Hosting as I only need 2 sign ups per month to qualify. I have tried other hosting companies such as Go Daddy, 123 Reg, Fasthosts and Black Foot over the years but Kiosk has to be the best I have come across.

  6. Hi, Robert. Been reading you for years. We are a long-time Windows web host (12 years and counting), with 2 brands on Twitter:


    We'd love to be added to the list.

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