Guy Kawasaki calls Mike Arrington a hypocrite

This week I saw TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington write a really negative review of Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop.

So, last night, when I saw that Guy was on the same plane that Rocky and I were on, of course I couldn’t resist turning on my cell phone and asking him about the negative review where he promptly called Mike Arrington a hypocrite on live video.

Of course he also pointed out that he put me on the ego page on Alltop. Embrace the ego, I say! What does Maryam say? Whack. Damn, she knows how to keep things under control here.

So, what does my ego say? I like Alltop and am glad that Guy kept begging me to try it out. Plus, it’s fun to have a front-row seat on the ego fight between Guy and Mike.

Almost as much fun as seeing R.E.M. up close. More on that in next post.