I like this new podcasting API from BlogTalkRadio

Since my phone number is already public, I’m looking forward to using the new BlogTalk Radio Podcast API that Dave Winer discussed yesterday.

Holy donuts is this cool. Here’s my feed: feed://cinch.blogtalkradio.com/4252051921 — I called the magic number and it automatically recorded a podcast from my phone and put it on this feed. No work, no muss. Really easy way to record a podcast and have it waiting for you when you get home.

Pownce releases API

Cool. Just saw that Pownce released an API (pownce is a micro blogging/presence/micromedia tool similar to Twitter).

Twitter still has a LOT more flow. This will be interesting to watch and see what happens now.

Pownce is a better system for sharing media with your friends than Twitter or Jaiku, though. I like the UI better too, although the UI really doesn’t matter anymore. I am using a tool called “snitter” to read my Twitter stuff. It’s cooler than Pownce is.

That’s the power of an API.

UPDATE: Pownce’s founder, Leah Culver, has more details on her blog and Dave Winer has a first review up. Dave says the API is only about 1/3rd complete.