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The stuff from Asterpix is majorly cool for those of us who care about NewTeeVee.

I have two videos that really show off what Asterpix is doing (the demo videos on Asterpix’ site only show about 1/8th of the API that Asterpix has actually built).

The first is of Anoop Bhattacharjya, the developer/CTO behind this new technology who explains how it works and also gives me a demo. The second is of Nat Kausik, CEO, who shows me even more demos of how their APIs could be used.

I imagine we’ll be seeing a LOT more of this technology next year. This is one of the coolest demos I’ve seen this year.

So, what does it do?

Well, you upload your video. Then you can put hyperlinks on the video itself. You draw a square and the technology will make sure that the square stays on top of the item you hyperlinked (Anoop explains how it works). That alone is pretty freaking cool, but they also have an API that can talk to objects sprayed around the video (think of a Coca Cola site where the video could drive content to change on the Web page itself). It also makes it possible to link into specific parts of the video from blogs or other sites.