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How Christopher Coulter reads my blog

If you hang around in my comments you know that Christopher Coulter rarely has anything nice to say about what I write. So, this post is in his honor. If you hate my blog, visit NetDisaster and mess with it back! Here, let me take you there. Here’s my blog and now you can spray graffitti on top of it. Loads of fun! (It gets worse from there, you can do a variety of different kinds of blog defacing there).

Have fun Christopher! :-)

Oh, Hugh…

I’ve been blogging for more than five years now and the “blogging is a fad” meme is one that consistently is reborn every five months. What I find interesting is why we so consistently link and talk about every “blogging is a fad” article that comes along. Yeah, Hugh, I’m talking about you.

Of course, there’s another meme that is just as consistent in terms of getting links: saying something outrageous about Apple. Just watch the links come in. Here, I won’t even link to it and I bet someone posts in my comments precisely who I’m thinking of. :-)

Guy on community…

Guy Kawasaki talks about building a good community. I think he forgot the most important one: hang out with the community! Why have I been successful where other people at Microsoft haven’t? Cause I hang out at geek dinners and other events. Tonight we had a blogger dinner. Just being there is important. Bringing Maryam is even more important cause she builds a stronger community by not talking geek stuff so much.

Another important rule? Include the Z list. How do you do that? Link, and link often! (Something that Guy hasn’t done yet in a big way).

Another way? Don’t make the community come to you. Go to the community. Huh? Answer your email! (I’m behind, but I’m on vacation). And, use CoComment and head off to other people’s blogs and answer their posts there.