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Brrreeeport report

Well, I gotta say, based on my little test Feedster is dead. It doesn’t report a single site back. Not good guys! (Update: Feedster reports its servers are being upgraded so can’t track new blogs at the moment).

Google’s blog search wins on sheer quantity (112 reported). At 10:28 a.m. pacific time. Note that Google’s blog search is DRAMATICALLY different than the main Google search engine. The main engine isn’t reporting any hits yet (neither does MSN or Yahoo). Yahoo’s main engine now is showing five results at 11:55 a.m. MSN and Google are still showing none.
Technorati is pretty good (97 reported). I like how Technorati looks, though, a lot better than Google and Technorati led last night in early returns.
IceRocket is reporting 66.

So, who has put the word brrreeeport on their blog but hasn’t shown up in Technorati or Google?

Update: Google lies. Er, stretches the truth again. Says “about 130 sites” but I count only 118. Technorati, on the other hand, is accurate and both says and reports 113 sites. So, Google isn’t ahead by many. Just makes you believe they are ahead.

Technorati adds authority weighting

Technorati just turned on a new feature: if you are searching Technorati, for, say “Technology” blogs you get a choice: you can see them all, or you can see the ones that have a lot of “authority” in that space. I didn’t see that feature over the weekend, so I think Dave Sifry and crew just turned that on (look for a slider at the top of the results — click it to change the kind of result you get back). I’m not sure how useful it is, but if you search on a general term like, say, “photography” it does seem to bring back results with less noise. But, maybe you want more noise. Well, it’s up to you now! You’re the gatekeeper! I’ll play more with it later. What do you think?

Update: it sure gets rid of a lot of noise on my ego search. Oh, my ego feels good now! :-)