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Tips for joining the A list

I keep getting asked “how do I get more traffic?” Or, “how do I get TechCrunch to notice my blog?”

Quick: go to Technorati and do the brrreeeport search. Now, which headline and opening text grabs you? Makes you wanna click? Hint: we’re all being slammed with hundreds of sites every day. The more interesting you can make your headline, the better. Think about what your headline will look like in the search engines and use every one as an opportunity to grab a little bit of traffic.

Now, look at the 98 brrreeeport results on Technorati. All are on the same topic, right? But some headlines stand out from the noise. Which ones grab your eye? The one that says simply “brrreeeport report?” Or the one that says “brrreeeport beats Mohammad cartoon?” Conflict is a story telling device. Use it in headlines!

Also, notice that Technorati has a way to “claim” a blog and if you do that you’ll get a little picture next to every one of your posts. Posts that have pictures win!

One other fun thing? Brrreeeport is a “top search” on the Technorati home page right now.

Need another tip on how to join the A list?

Here’s another one: be different. What do I mean by that?

Well, Dan Wieringa asked me for some help with his blog. It’s a decently written blog, but it isn’t getting much traffic.

First notice how his blog looks very similar to tons of other blogs? That’s hurting him.

One of TechCrunch’s popularity secrets is that he uses lots of graphics and screen shots. Makes his blog more pleasing to the eye. Sorta the way Technorati looks better than Google’s blog search.

Another thing? Dan’s title tag is boring. You need some personality! Look at Darren Barefoot’s title tag. Lots of personality and gives me some sense of who Darren is. Oh, and his blog’s design sticks out too. Different. Clean. Personal. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that smile? Yeah, makes it hard to change the template right now (Matt Mullenweg promises that’s changing soon, but in the meantime you can get ready by doing the other things — come up with a better title tag, write better headlines, work on finding interesting content that’ll help you stick out of the crowd on search engines and memetrackers.

Another way? Steph Booth taught me this one: tag often. Tag frequently. Tag better. In your categories are also tags. Don’t worry about using too many tags. The more tags you use, the more likely someone will find you in a search engine.

Another tip? Make friends with other bloggers. You know, if 15 z-listers link to you, are you a z-lister, or did you just move up to the m-list? Hint: it doesn’t take that many links to be seen as an “authority” on Technorati. Well, unless you’re Om Malik and then Technorati just thinks you don’t have any authority. Yikes. But, anyway, usually you will get noticed if a few blogs link to you and it’s not hard. Got a good post today? Why don’t you email a few people (one at a time, not in a group) and say “hey, I think you’d enjoy my post today on xxxxxx.” Don’t beg for a link, just show some passion about what you’ve written or posted.

Or, heck, do what I’m doing this week — just say screw it all and go skiing. See ya from the slopes tomorrow!

While I’m slushing at Keystone, Colorado as part of the Bloggy Mountain High trip (yes, my way was paid for, so this link is a sponsored link) why don’t you stick in your own URL and toot your own horn and join the A-List! Or, at minimum, post a good tip for getting noticed!

Brrreeeport report

Well, I gotta say, based on my little test Feedster is dead. It doesn’t report a single site back. Not good guys! (Update: Feedster reports its servers are being upgraded so can’t track new blogs at the moment).

Google’s blog search wins on sheer quantity (112 reported). At 10:28 a.m. pacific time. Note that Google’s blog search is DRAMATICALLY different than the main Google search engine. The main engine isn’t reporting any hits yet (neither does MSN or Yahoo). Yahoo’s main engine now is showing five results at 11:55 a.m. MSN and Google are still showing none.
Technorati is pretty good (97 reported). I like how Technorati looks, though, a lot better than Google and Technorati led last night in early returns.
IceRocket is reporting 66.

So, who has put the word brrreeeport on their blog but hasn’t shown up in Technorati or Google?

Update: Google lies. Er, stretches the truth again. Says “about 130 sites” but I count only 118. Technorati, on the other hand, is accurate and both says and reports 113 sites. So, Google isn’t ahead by many. Just makes you believe they are ahead.

The brrreeeport report

OK, it’s been a little more than two hours since I asked people to put “brrreeeport” on their blogs to “mess with the man” and build a new kind of directory. So, in that time I went out for sushi with Jeff Julian and John Alexander, co-founders of Geeks with Blogs. Great guys and we had a good time catching up on the blogging world. Anyway, while I was out a bunch of people posted. Have you figured out what I was up to yet?

Why, of course! It was an opportunity for me to try the blog search engines out!

So, here’s the brrreeeport report. You can participate. Just add the word “brrreeeport” to your blog. Or, even better, do that and then give it a tag too. So, anyway, it’s 7:57 p.m. Pacific Time so let’s look at what the search engines have found so far.

Google’s Blog Search has found nine blogs so far.
IceRocket has found none.
Feedster has found none.
Technorati finds five blogs so far. But only one blog (mine) has tagged itself with brrreeeport.
UPDATE: Technorati now finds 11 blogs at 8:36 p.m. (while Google still only finds nine).
UPDATE 2: Technorati finds 39 posts, same as Google’s blog search at 11:09 p.m.

None of the big three’s main search engines have found any so far.

And that’s the latest from brrreeeport! :-)

BlogCode helps you find blogs similar to…

Ever find a blogger you really like and wonder “are there other blogs similar to this one?” Well, that’s what BlogCode is trying to do. Mine will be indexed shortly (I filled out a short “code” about my blog and at the end of it I learned that Matt Cutts of Google is similar to me. I already subscribe to Matt, but that does demonstrate that this is a good way to find out if there’s other bloggers who are similar to your interests).

Oh, and Matt, if you ever wanna sneak onto Microsoft’s campus (it’s just half a mile from Google’s in Mountain View) let me know. Our cafeteria isn’t as hip, but I’ll buy you lunch and show you around. Why did I say that? Well, he took photos of Ask Jeeves’ corporate offices today and wondered if he could get access to other Silicon Valley offices for his picture-taking exploits. After all, Google let me onto its campus with my camcorder a while back so turnaround is fair play!

Update: the list of blogs that are similar to mine is up now. Neat, some cool new blogs that I didn’t know about!

Oh, while we’re talking about blogs similar to mine, I see there was a dustup over on Doc Searls blog (and others) about the fact that the Z list is being kept out of the kingdom by the A list bloggers. I guess by linking to Doc’s blog I’m a gatekeeper and I’m just working to keep the Z list down. Hey, it’s a conspiracy. If we only link to each other you’ll never be able to find any new voices, right?

Here, let’s play a game. Everyone in the world say “brrreeeport” on your blog and you’ll be listed on this Technorati page automatically. Heh. There are also no pages on the Internet linked to for that term on Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

So, now you too can take down the man! Get your due! Get around the gatekeepers. Tell all those A list bloggers to screw off and die! Heheh. Or, you can let me own that term all bymyself! Heheh.