A conversation with Windows Vista Kernel Team

This is Channel 9’s Christmas Present to geeks everywhere. A candid conversation with the team that’s building Windows Vista’s kernel. I even ask if they wish the registry had never been invented. But, Charles Torre did most of the interviewing. Being in a room with these guys for an hour makes my brain hurt.

They give a lot of details about how they are rearchitecting Windows to make it easier to ship new, higher-quality, versions of the OS.

I don’t remember any conference where these four people get together and just have a simple conversation. In 2006 I’m going to push for even more corporate transparency into why we do the things we do. Since much of the world has bet on our products, shouldn’t the world have better conversations with the folks who build those products?

Think about the impact on the world these four people have. If there are going to be hundreds of millions of people using Windows Vista (and that’s if it’s a market failure), and these four people find a way to increase computer speeds even a few seconds a day (or do something similarly impressive to increase productivity), imagine the economic impact of that.

Happy Holidays from building 18 on Microsoft’s headquarters! Hope you have a good one!

Update, I wish I were back in Belgium with this Nine Guy.

Are you an RSS addict?

Stefan Constantinescu: “I am a self-proclaimed RSS addict now, working with two guys at Elwoh Software to see if we can build an RSS reader that will stand out from the others.”

It is very gratifying to hear this kind of response to my writing (Stefan talks about how he wants to be a Microsoft employee after seeing Channel 9 and the writings of Microsoft’s more than 2,000 bloggers).

While getting a tour of Microsoft Ireland last night I heard again that my videos are highly watched inside the company as well. Microsoft is such a big place that the videos let employees get an idea of what other groups are doing.

I also want to call out Charles Torre, my partner in crime on Channel 9. He’s been posting videos while I’ve been over here in Europe. Some really great ones including Mary Snapp, VP and Deputy General Counsel (Jennifer Ritzinger is the interviewer there and is the driving force behind our new “women in technology” show) and going deep stuff like a discussion of Windows Vista’s Transactional File System.

And with that, we’re off to Paris…