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Bit twiddler alert

One more post before we head off to the train to London. If you are interested in next-generation computer science concepts, you might check out the video that Charles Torre did with the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime team (I played camera boy). This team is smart. I think my IQ went up a point just by being in the same room.

They are trying to make programming for multi-core processors a lot easier.

Are you an RSS addict?

Stefan Constantinescu: “I am a self-proclaimed RSS addict now, working with two guys at Elwoh Software to see if we can build an RSS reader that will stand out from the others.”

It is very gratifying to hear this kind of response to my writing (Stefan talks about how he wants to be a Microsoft employee after seeing Channel 9 and the writings of Microsoft’s more than 2,000 bloggers).

While getting a tour of Microsoft Ireland last night I heard again that my videos are highly watched inside the company as well. Microsoft is such a big place that the videos let employees get an idea of what other groups are doing.

I also want to call out Charles Torre, my partner in crime on Channel 9. He’s been posting videos while I’ve been over here in Europe. Some really great ones including Mary Snapp, VP and Deputy General Counsel (Jennifer Ritzinger is the interviewer there and is the driving force behind our new “women in technology” show) and going deep stuff like a discussion of Windows Vista’s Transactional File System.

And with that, we’re off to Paris…

#14: Converting videos to run on PSP and new iPod

Do you have one of those new video iPods or one of the new Sony Portable PlayStations? Well, you’ll need to convert videos to run on them. I asked Ken Levy how he did it and here’s his answer:

I use a free program called PSP Video 9 at to convert various video file formats like WMV to the MPEG4 format for use on my Sony PSP. I did not get an iPod Video, I mainly travel with my 4GB iPod Nano and my Sony PSP.

The team that created PSP Video 9 created

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