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The V7ndotcom elursrebmem charity

OK, I should have listened to my head and not gotten involved in a search engine optimization contest. But, it’s a valuable lesson in how you can move up the search engines. After all, if you are a plumber, but don’t appear on the Google/MSN/Yahoo result pages for “plumber in Seattle” does your business really exist? Our eye track research suggests it does not.

So, how do you move up? Well, study how these folks are working to get other Web sites to link to them. There are “blackhat” techniques (which is when you open a series of splogs and link back to the page you want to move up). Search engines algorithm authors are constantly looking for ways to remove the blackhat techniques. Another blackhat technique? Something called “Google bowling.” Let’s say you are #21 on the list. So, how do you get to move up to the #1 spot? Well, you open splogs pointing at #1-20. What happens then? Well, if you do a good enough job that’ll trip the Google/MSN/Yahoo splog filter (if a piece of content is copied enough times it’ll get removed off of all the servers and “penalized”). Then you’ll move up to #1. Evil, but effective!

Or, you can do something that legitimately gets other people to link to your site. For instance, look at this V7ndotcom elursrebmem contest entry by Alex K. He is giving all his winnings to charity. By being a nice guy, he’s trying to get more people to link to him.

This is why I tell audiences to share their information. Are you a lawyer? Teach us how to do your profession! That will get people to link to you. We love to link to the nice guys.

Anyway, I’m hoping the white hat guys win. It’ll be interesting to see if any new black hat techniques get tried here.