Video from CTIA's Showstoppers

Last night Rocky and I went to the Showstoppers shindig at the CTIA show (mobile gadgets and services) that’s in town this week.

Got a few fun videos with my mobile phone. Interesting that out of all the press that was at this event that I was the only one that was using a cell phone to report (that I saw).

Anyway, enjoy these short videos.

1. Winplus’ Yada, phone holder and bluetooth headset for your car’s dashboard. More info on Winplus’ site.
2. Ronn Owens. Famous talk show host on KGO 810 AM (I’ve been listening to him since I was a teenager). Owens will be broadcasting from CTIA tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. He’s a real gadget freak.
3. Utterz co-founder. Really cool mobile microblogging service (you can call in audio, or send video). Try Utterz on its new site.
4. Kara Swisher, of the Wall Street Journal, talks to me about what’s cool. She videoed me for her show, too.
5. Whrrl, a new service, shipping today, lets you discover lots of stuff from your local neighborhood and social network.
6. Alan Reiter, who writes a great blog on mobile phones, shows me the phones in his pocket.

Oh, and come back at 10 a.m. where we’ll have a killer CTIA interview with BluePulse’s CEO (a unique social network that’s ONLY for mobile).

Finally, I love the “Pico Projectors” from Microvision. I’d like to see this demoed. Guess I gotta go over to the show.