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I made Phil Ripperger stand in line for an Xbox 360

I get blamed for lots of things. But this is the first time I’ve been blamed for making someone stand in line for an Xbox 360. Phil has a lengthy post including pictures. I love his conclusion: “Scoble, the XBox 360 is going to destroy the Playstation 3.”

But then his note turns sour. He says he’s walking away from Microsoft’s Web development tools. He’s going to Ruby on Rails and won’t be back until we get the magic back. Well, that’s what we’re working hard on and why we’re doing the Mix06 event.

One question, though. Have you checked out the latest ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2005? If so, what about it turns you to Rails?

The coolest companies under the tree use .NET

Dan’l Lewin keeps his eye on cool companies in Silicon Valley for Microsoft. He knows a thing or two about companies. Co-founded NeXT with Steve Jobs. So, when he posted a list of companies over on Tony Perkins’ AlwaysOn network that are catching his attention, I thought it was noteworthy. Oh, and they all use .NET? Hmmm.

Speaking of that, BusinessWeek had an article titled Java? It’s So Nineties. It’s a report that developers are moving to dynamic languages and .NET.

Dynamic languages? Oh, you mean Ruby on Rails. Jason Fried reports they just shipped 1.0.

Lunch with Ireland’s .NET user group leader

Fun thing. Today we were at Dunne and Crscenzi. Let’s see, we’re at an Italian restaurant in Ireland. Hanging out with a French guy. An Iranian woman. And drinking Italian wine. Hmmm.

Maryam and I had a wonderful evening with Paschal Leloup. He runs Ireland’s largest .NET user group and if you follow his blog, like I do, you know he isn’t one to hold back criticism of Microsoft. We talked a bit about what kinds of problems he’s having in .NET. Tonight we got the user group involved and asked them “how many of you are using the new .NET?” About half the hands went up. Then we asked to see how bad the problems were. “How many of you will give it up and go back to the old version?” None of the hands went up.

Is tomorrow’s event one of Microsoft’s last “big launches?”

There’s changes afoot inside Microsoft. Bill and Steve have been repeating in the press that Microsoft needs to ship software faster. At Mind Camp this weekend a couple of people asked me what that meant. To me it means “don’t take big dependencies.”

See, SQL Server hasn’t shipped in several years. Why not? Because they added the .NET Framework deep inside SQL Server. Now, these aren’t two small teams that met once over pizza and beer and decided to do this. No, these are two HUGE businesses. It’d be like if GM and Toyota got together and decided to do a new project together with each other’s technology.

It is that sizeable and that important.

So, is this one of Microsoft’s last “big launches?” Looks like it will be for quite a while.

That said, tomorrow’s events will be on video on either the Launch Tour 2005 Knowledge Center or the Microsoft Speeches and Keynotes page.