Traveling, Dopplr style

I love Dopplr, because it shows me when my friends are in the same city I am. Anyway, Rocky and I are about to drive down to Beverly Hills to see Mahalo and MySpace. Of course, if you were on Dopplr you’d already know that.

Oh, and I’m now using Google Calendar to keep track of our plans. If you want to get onto our calendar, this is a good place to look for open time.

By the way, I love Plaxo. It keeps my calendar all synched up between five machines here. It also saved my life when PodTech closed my account. If I hadn’t used Plaxo my calendar would have disappeared. But thanks to Plaxo it was all backed up.

Dopplr on ScobleShow

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It’s the business traveler service that Joi Ito (head of creative commons) and Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) love and here I have Dopplr‘s CEO and CTO on the ScobleShow.

The CEO interview is dark. I interviewed her in the back of a BMW being driven through Paris at 7 a.m. in the morning. Imagine getting THAT on mainstream TV!

The geek interview (includes demo).
The executive interview.

The geek I interviewed is Matt Biddulph and his blog (which also made it into the video) is here.

Both filmed last week at the LeWeb3 conference in Paris.

UPDATE: I’m now keeping my Dopplr account up to date here.

Dopplr: cool online service for frequent business travelers

Tons of people I respect have been telling me to get on Dopplr for a long time. Well, yesterday at the LeWeb3 conference they finally opened the service up to the public, so I got on. I also got a demo and an interview with the CEO and CTO and I can definitely see that this will be a favorite service of mine. Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, says that Dopplr is his favorite non-Wiki Web site, according to the Dopplr blog, which also has tons of other details on the service. More next week when I get my interviews up and have some time to play more with the service.

UPDATE: Web Worker Daily has a good article on other things for travelers.