In my day…

I remember back when I was going to West Valley Community College in the 1980s that a few professors at other schools (thankfully not at West Valley) had banned those “newfangled Macintoshes.” They thought that typing on a typewriter made for better thinking processes (seriously, that’s what a few of them thought). Probably so, but I knew then that these folks were stuck in the mud and that we should have, instead, banned the professors from ever setting foot in a classroom again.

I have the same feeling about professors who ban Google and Wikipedia.

If I were a professor and I wanted my students to go deeper than “first level Google searches” I’d just grade tougher. Really, is it any more difficult than that? Geesh.

Universities communicate better with ClearTXT

Think mobile phones aren’t changing how the world works?

Check out ClearTXT. Here Doug Kaufman, CEO, shows me the system, which delivers a bunch of stuff about classes, scores, and much more to students via cell phones.

Think this isn’t a big deal? His sales are going nuts due to several recent shootings. Now schools need a way to tell all students what’s up. ClearTXT is the way to do that. Think of ClearTXT as the “Twitter for education.” It’s more than that, to be fair, but a pretty damn cool system.

I’ve embedded a short “Editor’s Choice” video here. The longer, full interview is here.

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