Irish coffees with the Irish tech entrepreneurs

Have you ever had an “Irish Coffee?” Did you know it’s not Irish at all? Well, it was invented in San Francisco. Ooopsss, turns out it was invented in Ireland but popularized by the bar in San Francisco.

So, when I heard that “Paddy’s Valley” (a group of Irish tech entrepreneurs) was coming to San Francisco I knew I HAD to take them to where the Irish Coffee was brought to America, Buena Vista.

Even better: you’re invited! 8 p.m. next Monday, December 3rd at the Buena Vista bar. Be there and be Irish. San Francisco style.

Oh, and wait until the Chinese come to town and learn that the Chinese Fortune Cookie was invented here too. 🙂

If you’re coming, please leave a comment here.

The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming.

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Russia has gone from a poor country to an increasingly wealthy one. Why? Oil prices. Now that oil is sitting around $100 a barrel Russia is sitting on a gold mine. Er, oil wells. And the cash is pouring in. One problem? They need to diversify and increase the number of companies that don’t have anything to do with energy. So, they are starting up a bunch of Venture Capital efforts.

I get the skinny on all this with Yuri Ammosov, a senior policy officer of the Russian Government in charge of venture capital and high tech development programs, talks with me about how Russia is flush with cash thanks to the rising energy prices (they are one of the world’s leading oil producers) and are working with Silicon Valley venture capital firms to diversify its economy. We talk about some of the smart people and smart companies that are popping up in Russia and tons of other stuff too.

I like his honesty. He told me that being an entrepreneur in Russia today is like being an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley in the 1960s (when Silicon Valley was still largely a farm town).

Shel Israel on preparing for Demo

Shel Israel, blog here, is the guy who coauthored Naked Conversations with me. I’ve never had him on my show before today. But, you might not know that Shel has helped launch countless Silicon Valley companies. He’s been to Demo (the conference coming up next week) more than anyone I know. The companies he’s helped have won “DemoGod” awards seven times. He wrote a newsletter about conferences, too, so knows what he is talking about.

Anyway, we talk about lots of stuff in this half hour conversation. Hope you enjoy it. If you’re a company going to Demo you should listen to his advice.

I love any conference that bans PowerPoint. I recently started out a speech saying “I used to work at Microsoft and sat through my share of boring PowerPoint presentations so I promised myself never to do that to an audience again.” That got me my biggest applause line.

Anyway, this conversation goes south a few times, but that’s just how Shel and I work together. Stick in there and there’s some good stuff.

I gotta go back and find out if you can win a DemoGod award with a crappy product. Shel’s dog interrupted his answer on that. I’ll try to get him to write the answer here.

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