Editing FastCompany.tv

I’m over Rocky Barbanica’s house and he’s editing shows for FastCompany.tv. You get a look at his setup (lots of gear!) and how he does his work on this Qik/cell phone video. I’ll be at Qik later today, so more from there. You get a taste of John Kao’s piano playing, too. Wow this stuff looks awesome in HD. I wish we could deliver you our HD source files.

"Innovation guru" John Kao on my cell phone

Wow, what an afternoon. First I did a very quick, or is that “Qik” interview of David Marcus, founder of Zong, which is a mobile content delivery platform, which was announced today. Then we went went over to John Kao’s office, where we had a long interview, that’ll run Monday as part of our launch of FastCompany.tv, but here’s a little taste, thanks to my cell phone. He taught business at Harvard for 14 years, is a professional-grade musician, among many other things which you’ll discover in our “professional grade” interview that we did with our brand new hi-def camcorders (we’ll talk more about our equipment next week). I wish I was 1/100th the man that John is. Just getting some awesome people onto video. Who’s next?