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Dozens wait overnight in sub-zero temps for Xbox 360s to arrive

Dan Petersen has, potentially, the coolest mom in the world.

He woke her up at 5 a.m. to go Xbox 360 hunting. They heard that Best Buy was putting on sale tons of new Xbox 360s tomorrow morning, so they have been waiting since early this morning in line at the Best Buy in Bellevue, WA (same one that Bill Gates got his at). He’s the first in line of more than 40 people waiting for one (Best Buy handed out numbered tickets hours ago).

I visited the line at about 8 p.m. tonight and they were all bunkering down for a long night ahead. The temperatures in Redmond and Bellevue are below freezing. These are dedicated buyers. I listened as other shoppers walked past “what are they waiting for?”

Those in line told me that they had friends waiting in similar lines elsewhere in the United States.

I checked in on another store (EB Games). They have a paid waiting list of 176. Probably only a handful of those will get Xbox’s before Christmas.

What’s funny is while I was talking with Dan and his mom my boss Jeff Sandquist came up behind me and hugged me. Hey, who’s that?

He spent a few minutes telling Dan all about the Arcade Gallery and challenged Dan to a game.

On the Xbox mailing list tonight there are more reports of Xbox 360s showing up worldwide. So, if you want one, you should check around tomorrow.

Best Buy stores open at 8 a.m. — Patrick and I might go just to see how many they actually have. The store personel wouldn’t tell us anything, saying they aren’t sure how many they’ll have. Even those who are waiting in line aren’t guaranteed to actually get one.

For those of you who aren’t quite nuts enough to wait overnight in sub-zero temps for an opportunity to buy an Xbox, Paul Mooney has links to a few interviews with Xbox execs. MSNBC has some Xbox cartoons. Spong interviewed Japanese buyers about the Xbox 360 and came away with the conclusion that Xbox marketing sucked in Japan.

Xbox 360 Insider has video of the Daily Show joking about Xbox. Dave Kramer has “Xbox 360 improvements we can (almost) all agree on.” Scott Hanselman writes his first impressions (and a lot more): “It’s the shiznit. It’s freaking awesome. If you can buy it. Now. Seriously, stop reading.”

James Clarke writes about his experiences trying to buy one in Hemel Hempstead (the retailer was forcing him to buy a bundle of games). James, no, Microsoft is kept — by law — from forcing retailers to do anything. That would be price fixing. The retailers set their own pricing and policies. Finally, Engadget recently toured the Xbox team’s offices and reported about that.