Cool screenshots from Flight Simulator

Ever try to land a 747? Me neither, but over on the AVSIM forum a member posted pictures of his hard landings. That comes to me from Jason Waskey’s blog. He’s an art lead on the team that does Flight Simulator, among other things. Obviously his blog covers lots of stuff related to simulators and game art. His blog is one of the better Microsoft blogs. Tells you why things don’t work the way they should (one of his posts tells you why bridges would end halfway across a river, for instance).

Xbox 360 night coming up

Hey, I don’t have an Xbox 360, but that won’t stop me. I keep getting invited over to friend’s houses to play their systems. Which is funny cause I certainly won’t get them any new “achievements” (those are rewards for completing certain tasks).

That said, if you are one of the lucky Xbox 360 owners, you’re welcome to join us. I’ll be at Jeff Sandquist’s house tonight. I hear his daughter Josie has been practicing at Geometry Wars to beat me. Oh, Josie, beating me is no challenge at all! Can you beat Brandon, though? That’s the question!

His gamer tag is jeffsand. We’ll accept as many invites to play as we can tonight. I should be there by 7 p.m.

I made Phil Ripperger stand in line for an Xbox 360

I get blamed for lots of things. But this is the first time I’ve been blamed for making someone stand in line for an Xbox 360. Phil has a lengthy post including pictures. I love his conclusion: “Scoble, the XBox 360 is going to destroy the Playstation 3.”

But then his note turns sour. He says he’s walking away from Microsoft’s Web development tools. He’s going to Ruby on Rails and won’t be back until we get the magic back. Well, that’s what we’re working hard on and why we’re doing the Mix06 event.

One question, though. Have you checked out the latest ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2005? If so, what about it turns you to Rails?

How can you identify an Xbox 360 owner?

Simple, all they talk about is their “achievements.”

Every owner I’ve met has already started bragging about their latest “achievements.” Don’t know what these are? Well, MSN Search brought me these answers:

1) Gaming Steve notes that Xbox 360 Achievements seem to be inspired by the Atari 2600.
2) The Xbox360ballyhoo blog points us at the fragism site that has a list of achievements for all the games.

They are basically things you get after completing various tasks. Last night I saw that folks are getting very competitive when playing games. By the way, the audio capabilities work very well (we were talking with people around the world while playing games).

Of course, you might know you’re talking with an Xbox owner if they have some Xbox earplugs. Thanks to Major Nelson (aka Larry Hryb of the Xbox Live team) for bringing us those.

One last big of Xbox reactions: the Xbox Live arcade games are the shiznit. I could play Geometry Wars for hours. They took “old style” arcade games and gave them modern graphics. The grid on Geometry Wars is wild. I’d love to talk to the developer who did that and learn about the algorithms behind it.

Are you hearing about achievements? Getting tired of it already too? I think that’ll be the new way to be annoying at holiday parties this next week “I have 24 achievements, how many do you have?” Heheh.