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Introducing Scobleizer, Inc. in Second Life

Eric Rice and I were drinking together recently and I noted that lots of my friends were getting into Second Life and that I wanted to get started there. He told me he was building a whole empire experience and I tossed out “wouldn’t it be cool to own the biggest, baddest, software company in Second Life?”

He thought that was funny. So he, and Seigmancer Nino, built just that (there are Flickr photos linked from that post). Notice the running lava underneath the building. And the blood in the main lobby’s fountain.

For those of you who have never been to Second Life, it’s a virtual world. You can just come and visit, if you want, or you can sign up to own land, build things, trade with others. It’s an amazing place and very addicting.

I’m Scoble Seattle. Say hi!

Penny Arcade wonders why Halo is only on Vista

Penny Arcade’s Tycho is incensed that Halo 2 will only be available on Windows Vista. Thinks it’s just a marketing decision. It might be, but there certainly are some sizeable technical reasons too. At Northern Voice I showed a Channel 9 video that’ll come out soon that shows just how many multimedia improvements have been made in Windows Vista.

In the video the audio team shows that Windows XP’s audio won’t play very well (sometimes not at all) if you start applying stress to CPU’s. On Windows Vista the audio and video continue playing just fine with the same level of stress (on the same hardware). It’s a dramatic example of how much better multimedia will be on Windows Vista.

Cool screenshots from Flight Simulator

Ever try to land a 747? Me neither, but over on the AVSIM forum a member posted pictures of his hard landings. That comes to me from Jason Waskey’s blog. He’s an art lead on the team that does Flight Simulator, among other things. Obviously his blog covers lots of stuff related to simulators and game art. His blog is one of the better Microsoft blogs. Tells you why things don’t work the way they should (one of his posts tells you why bridges would end halfway across a river, for instance).

Xbox 360 night coming up

Hey, I don’t have an Xbox 360, but that won’t stop me. I keep getting invited over to friend’s houses to play their systems. Which is funny cause I certainly won’t get them any new “achievements” (those are rewards for completing certain tasks).

That said, if you are one of the lucky Xbox 360 owners, you’re welcome to join us. I’ll be at Jeff Sandquist’s house tonight. I hear his daughter Josie has been practicing at Geometry Wars to beat me. Oh, Josie, beating me is no challenge at all! Can you beat Brandon, though? That’s the question!

His gamer tag is jeffsand. We’ll accept as many invites to play as we can tonight. I should be there by 7 p.m.