Gizmodo on integrity…

Brian Lam of Gizmodo does a great turnaround and questions his critics and their integrity.

Oh, excuse me, I’ve now gotta turn off all of the Apple monitors at MacWorld to prove I’m “independent” and “not part of Apple’s PR machine.”

Funny, unlike Lam, I did not get an invite to Steve Jobs’ keynote tomorrow. I’m going to be waiting out in the cold, along with my son to try to get in. (I’ll be using my Nokia N95, but don’t tell Brian cause he’ll think that’s part of Nokia’s PR machine. I guess I gotta pee on my Nokia to make sure I’m seen as “properly independent.”)

Funny, back in journalism school I was taught that journalists were supposed to report the news, not make it.

But now I guess we’re in a new world of the blogosphere. I call it “the stuntosphere.”

I think I’ll run naked through MacWorld tomorrow. I’m sure that’ll get some traffic. Make Nick Denton proud. Prove to Gizmodo that I’m “independent” and that I “won’t play Steve Jobs’ game.”

Since when did hurting other people’s ability to do their jobs become “ethical journalism?” And to use Steve Wozniak’s pranks (which were never aimed at keeping people from doing their jobs — he wouldn’t even let me aim a laser pointer at a screen at Shoreline to make sure I didn’t hurt other people’s experiences) is just despicable. Brian: you really need to spend some time understanding how Woz did his pranks and the ethics he used behind them. He, also, didn’t pretend to be a journalist, or even a blogger, while doing those pranks.

Can I have off this “new ethical journalism” bus now? I gotta go throw up.