Christian Perry: master tech conf promoter

Christian Perry is someone I admire. He’s cool. Young. And his events are interesting and usually packed in like a sardine can. I expect no less from his SNAP Summit, Friday in San Francisco (SNAP=Social Networking Application Platform.

Victor Karamalis has details on this summit

Speaking of events, you should check out my monster list of tech events around the world. If you add me as a friend I’ll see your events too and I’ll add them to my calendar. really rocks.

Allchin blogger dinner heats up with DRM and Vista conversation

It’s funny, but this is the second time I’ve arranged a dinner for Jim Allchin that I haven’t been able to attend. The dinner was last night and I hear it was a real interesting one.

Why? Cause I got a diverse set of people in to meet with Jim. Not just fanboys. Well, not unless you call a developer of the open source browser Flock a Microsoft fanboy. Or, if you call Mena Trott, founder of Six Apart (which is hosted on Linux) a Microsoft fanboy. Heh, that’s pretty funny!

Beth Goza of Linden Labs was there. Tara Hunt of Riya. John Tokash of Homestead Technologies. Tony Gentile of Healthline. And Phillip Torrone of Make Magazine.

John Tokash’s report is here.
Tara Hunt’s report is here.
Thomas Hawk’s report is here. Great photos too (Thomas is quite talented with his camera, I love his blog lately mostly because of his photos).

How did I pick these people? They are people I’d want to have dinner with myself! I think it’s funny that Tara felt out of place at the beginning. I hear she gave Allchin a good dose of her thoughts on DRM. Sounds exactly why she was invited! (I knew she’d do that, cause she has always been interesting to talk with when I’ve met her).