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I’m going to “Bil,” not TED

I can’t afford to go to TED. Fast Company is treating me well, but not THAT well (tickets to TED are $6,000). Even if I had the $6K I still wouldn’t be able to go since tickets to TED have been sold out for more than a year.

But I WILL be in Monterey. Across the street at the “Bil” conference. Ethan Zuckerman has the details.

Will you be there?

I have both TED and Bil on my Upcoming list of tech events.

Christian Perry: master tech conf promoter

Christian Perry is someone I admire. He’s cool. Young. And his events are interesting and usually packed in like a sardine can. I expect no less from his SNAP Summit, Friday in San Francisco (SNAP=Social Networking Application Platform.

Victor Karamalis has details on this summit

Speaking of events, you should check out my monster list of tech events around the world. If you add me as a friend I’ll see your events too and I’ll add them to my calendar. really rocks.

New York, New York! (Danny wants better RSS in his SPOT watch)

I’m writing to you from a bus heading toward Manhattan. I love my Verizon card. It’s like having wifi EVERYWHERE!

Anyway, I’m up for a midnight snack tonight. Anyone game? Call my cell phone at 425-205-1921. I’m staying at the Sheraton Towers.

Update: well, that didn’t take long. Someone just called and we’re meeting in the lobby. I love having readers around the world. :-)

Update 2: it got even better. The guy who called was Jackson Fox of I took him to Times Square where we hit Roxy’s and had dinner. As we were finishing our cheesecakes the phone rang again. “Hello, this is Matt Cutts.” (He works at Google and is probably Google’s best known blogger SEO expert). We quickly figure out he’s at the Hilton, head over there and meet up in the lobby. He quickly drags us through the bar where a bunch of SEO types ran us through a gauntlet. Matt checks over the crowd and sees if he’ll get any more spam tricks out of the increasingly drunk geeks who try to figure out how to improve their Google ranking for their day jobs.

Did you know that there are about 5,000 attendees at this conference? Are search engines a big deal? Damn, who knew?

Anyway, Matt and Jackson and I settle in for a non-alcoholic talk (not by choice, mind you, but the bar was closed). We start comparing notes (we’re on a panel discussion at 9 a.m. in the morning).

Now, the conversation was going pretty good at about that time. Comparing notes and having fun and sharing information. But then Danny Sullivan walks in (for those who don’t know, this is his conference — he is the guy who started Search Engine Watch years ago and built a multi-million industry around it).

He could do anything, but what does he do?

He walks up to us and gives me s**t about his SPOT watch that he just bought. Turns out the RSS aggregator that the SPOT system has isn’t all that great (he wants me to get on the team about the RSS features, or the lack thereof). I tell him I’ll make sure the team hears about his feature request. Danny then launches into a sales pitch for the SPOT watch to Matt. Turns out Danny’s into Swatch watches and showed us off all the features of his new watch.

Hey, BillG, you should have Danny on stage with you at next year’s CES. But I digress.

He pulls up the stock quote feature on his SPOT watch. Looks up GOOG (the stock quote for Google). Looks at Matt and says “you had a good day.” Then pulls up MSFT. Looks at me and says “you had a good day too.”

Dude, you have no idea. Hint: it had nothing to do with the stock price.

Then he asked me to spill the beans on the Origami. Heheh. Very funny Danny!

Podcast Hotel reports

Eric Rice told me that the Podcast Hotel, a podcasting conference and music festival being held here in Seattle through tonight, was a great conference. Maryam and I are very sorry we didn’t get over there. This was the first weekend we were home alone in quite a while and took the day off. We’re gonna go there right now, though, and check out the music.

In the meantime, more than 700 photos have been uploaded and there’s lots of reports on Technorati. Just search for “Podcast Hotel.”

Thanks to Alex Williams for getting such raves!

Back in the office, more events to come

You know, most of my life I’ve looked forward to the traveling lifestyle. It’s always fun to go and see new things. But it’s exhausting. It’s so nice to be back in my office.

Not so nice is my email. Whew. And my tasks. Double whew.

But, I shouldn’t complain. While I was off skiing last week my coworkers were working nearly around the clock finishing off something cool that you’ll see soon.

I’m not allowed to tell you what is up, but let’s just say that it’s the offspring of what happened here when Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom kissed the Nine Guy. :-)

I do work with some people who just impress the hell out of me. Jeff Sandquist didn’t get the credit he was due for Channel 9 (at least not in our book) but he’s one of those people at Microsoft I’d go to if I wanted to get something done. And, I’m not just kissing up cause he’s my boss. You’ll all see again soon.

Anyway, there’s a lot of things going on. Tons of conferences and geek events are coming through my inbox.

Like what?

Well, Gaurav Bhatnagar reports that there’ll be a Barcamp in New Delhi, India. That should be well attended! I found a few new Indian tech bloggers linked off of that.

The Podcast Hotel is this week in Seattle. Maryam and I are gonna try to get there.

The Blogger Cruise, in October, going from Florida to Cozumel is gonna be one of the experiences of the year. They can’t take that many people, so don’t miss that!

Microsoft is hosting a Small Business Summit on March 14-17 in Bellevue (it’ll be Webcast too).

Next week I’ll be speaking at the New Communications Forum in Palo Alto. Lots of interesting speakers in the PR, marketing, blog worlds. I’ll also be speaking in New York at the Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo. Whew.

The Blog Business Summit is going to Los Angeles on March 16 for a seminar on the essentials of business blogging.

And of course in March there’s SXSW, Emerging Tech, and Mix06.

Lest we forget that Mashup Camp is going on right now (Memeorandum has a bunch of reports). I was supposed to go to that but begged out cause my schedule is just too nutty.

Can we pack anymore events into a month? Got any other events coming up that we should be aware of?