BugLabs.net's really cool reconfigurable gadget in depth

Wow. Wow. Wow.

If you like playing with electronics you’ll WANT one of these.

Introducing BugLabs.net’s BUG. Here’s BugLabs’ founder/CEO Peter Semmelhack and marketing guy Jeremy Toeman showing off the devices ind epth.

I filmed three videos there yesterday. If you want to get an idea of what BUG can do, this should about cover it.

Video one, introduction.
Video two, final shipping plastic.
Video three, open hardware.

If you’re a geek you MUST WATCH this series of videos.

By the way, these were filmed with my cell phone, a Nokia N95 (I wasn’t planning on running into Peter, so didn’t have my professional camera with me).

#43: Ultimate Ears to visit Microsoft/Bellevue

Ken Levy invited the Ultimate Ears folks to Microsoft’s campus in Redmond tomorrow. They’ll also have an open-to-the-public meeting on Saturday. Ken’s blog has all the details.

These headphones are — by far — the best I’ve ever heard. If you travel a lot you should check them out. I’ve had babies crying next to me in the airplane and with these on you can hardly even hear them. Their top of the line pairs are very expensive at $900 (they are custom made for your ears specifically) but they have a new pair that Ken tells me are almost as good for less than 1/3 the price.

Anyway, you can always drop by and hang out with the geeks in the mall.

Another reason to visit Microsoft Silicon Valley…

I’ve been trying to get one of these new Microsoft Wireless Laser Mice now for a while, but they always sell out nearly instantly when the company store up in Redmond gets them. But, the store down here in Silicon Valley doesn’t sell out as fast on some items, I guess, so I bought one.


This thing is the first wireless mouse I liked. It is as good as using a wired mouse. It’s smooth, too. Nice job on the hardware team.

Oh, and are you visually impaired? You’ll love this mouse. The magnification feature is awesome, particularly if you’re like me and you run your monitor at the highest resolution it can get to (things can get pretty darn small if you do that).