Coming in 2008: iPhone battery rot?

Just picked up Patrick and turns out his iPhone is only lasting a few hours now in standby mode without doing anything on it!

So, it’s going into the shop tomorrow. Damn, we sure have a lot of problems with Apple stuff. On the other hand, Dave Winer’s Mac just died and he thinks that only means one thing: a new Mac is coming soon. Well we already KNOW a new iPhone is coming soon, so maybe Dave has a point? Me? Now I know why I keep my Nokia around.

Anyone else having problems with iPhone battery life?

iPhone SDK is coming…

How news spreads…

Dave Winer just called me and said Apple is coming out with an iPhone SDK next year.

How did he know? It’s on Twitter. Not on TechMeme.

MacNN has the story
. I just got up, so more to come after I clear my head.

What will this enable? Tons more apps like what Mike Cannon-Brookes (CEO of Atlassian) is showing me here.

My reaction: wonderful news.

UPDATE: as of about 10 a.m. it’s now on TechMeme. Interesting, I’ve seen this behavior several times before that news will break over on Twitter about an hour before it’ll get on TechMeme.

UPDATE 2: at about 10:45 a.m. it moved to the top of TechMeme. I just read my feeds and the story broke somewhere around 8 a.m. this morning.

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Verizon claims it has "iPhone killer"

Reuters reports on a new iPhone killer (Verizon’s claim, not mine) that’s coming soon from Verizon. Sounds great. Can’t wait to try it. I doubt people will wait in line, but who knows?

Ahh, maybe this is why Steve Jobs lowered the price to $399 for the iPhone. Now that seems like an even more brilliant move.

Some things I’d like to see here:

1. What maps are on the system. I use Google Maps all the time on my iPhone and I notice that even Patrick and Maryam are using it a lot too.
2. What stock quotes are on the system. I use Yahoo’s stock prices several times a day on my iPhone.
3. What’s the experience like? It’s one thing to put a touch screen on a device. It’s a whole nother thing to make it a thrilling experience. Even my ex-wife (the one who hates technology so much she moved out of Silicon Valley to get away from the geeks) loves her iPhone. Will the Verizon devices get the same kind of evangelical fervor going? We’ll see.

Apple has a PR nightmare brewing…

Tons of people on Twitter are reporting problems with their iPhones. Including my son. Including Jeff Clavier. Anyone else having this problem? These are people who have not unlocked their iPhones. I’m about to update mine and will report what happens. A bunch more reports are over on TechMeme and Dave Winer is tracking them too.

How about you? How did your update of your iPhone go?

Oh, and Patrick’s iPhone lost all of its data. Made worse because his Mac had a bunch more problems (this is the second time it’s been in the shop) and so he’s praying now that Apple didn’t delete everything off of his hard drive.

UPDATE: My iPhone update seems to have gone well. New icon on home screen says “iTunes.” Meanwhile the Twitters from people with updates that didn’t go well continue to come in. Here’s another one.