The first Twitter/Facebook/Seesmic/Kyte business card?

Hmmm, is this the first Twitter business card? The first Kyte business card? The first Seesmic business card? Heheh.

Thanks to Hugh Macleod, my favorite London artist.

What does the other side say? “You’ve been Microscobleized.” All in honor of creating my global microbrand.

Oh, and that’s Ben Metcalfe’s face.

Update: Frans says he’s had Twitter on his business card since February. ships new player, new API, new iPhone playback

I just interviewed Daniel Graf, CEO of Kyte just shipped a bunch of new stuff today, including a new player (you’re looking at it now), new API, new iPhone playback and chat, and a new KyteFeed where you can subscribe to other channels. Permalinks to specific shows instead of just the channel. And much more. In this 20-minute conversation Daniel and I explore some of the changes and what they mean. Kyte also now works on any mobile phone.

Sorry for the scratchy audio. I was just using the microphone built into my MacBookPro and it didn’t come out that well.

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