Tokash amazed by per-app audio (and FeedLounge)

The evening started out skeptical enough. John Tokash, director of software development at Homestead Technologies, wrote me with a list of troubles he’s having with Windows Vista. He also wrote me some of the things he liked and asked “what else is there?” I gave him a short list, one of which included per-application audio settings. He went nuts!

I just realized that the power of my evangelism is simply journalistic work. I go around to the teams and ask them what they are doing, they tell me, and then when people ask me what’s cool in Windows Vista, I just tell them. Long way of saying that I hung out for an hour with Steve Ball and Larry Osterman and a few others and got the skinny on per-app audio.

Oh, and John isn’t just raving about Vista, he got a look at FeedLounge, a new RSS aggregator that’s launching on Monday, and he says it’s worth a look.