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No more Mix06 seats left

Sorry if you want to get in, but there are no more seats left for Mix06. I must also admit I was wrong (privately I told Mix management that they wouldn’t fill the place up — all my conference experience was telling me there was no way they’d do that, but it ends up that more than 1,000 people will attend. That’s just amazing).

Scoble the tiresome sycophant strikes again

I get the Channel 9 guy into the picture with Matt Cutts of Google. I bet that’ll get him razzed in the office next week. Matt wrote up the panel discussion we were on together on his blog. Tim Stay has even more complete notes.

I was on KUOW radio tonight (that is the local public radio station and the show I was on is their business and technology show — The Works with John Moe). Fun show. You can listen (Real Networks required). I talked about my book and about the importance of NOT being a tireless sycophant.

So, who called me a sycophant? That’s Declan Kennedy. He gave me, and Microsoft major s**t for not supporting Web standards and generally, well, being evil. Says “Try turning up to actually confront a blogger about the problems inherent in their company’s approach to the computing industry, and you’ll more than likely just get shouted down.”

Hmm, not my experience at all. What did I do? I emailed the team that did the Mix contest and said “fix the code.”

But what do I know? I’m just a tiresome sycophant.

More work to do.