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MySpace joins Google’s open social announcement

TechCrunch and others are reporting that Google and MySpace are joining forces on the open social platform that Google has developed.

Let’s just say this is HUGE and totally validates what I said in my social media starfish talk yesterday.

UPDATE: I’m at Google right now in the press conference and this is confirmed.

I’m sitting in a press conference with TechCrunch, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and many other press.

More in a few minutes.

UPDATE: Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace, says “This will create the new defacto standard.”

Christian Perry: master tech conf promoter

Christian Perry is someone I admire. He’s cool. Young. And his events are interesting and usually packed in like a sardine can. I expect no less from his SNAP Summit, Friday in San Francisco (SNAP=Social Networking Application Platform.

Victor Karamalis has details on this summit

Speaking of events, you should check out my monster list of tech events around the world. If you add me as a friend I’ll see your events too and I’ll add them to my calendar. really rocks.

Danah disagrees with me about MySpace

Danah Boyd wrote me last night and said she “vehemently disagrees” with my reporting that ugly design is behind MySpace’s success. Unlike me, she’s actually an expert in the field of social software and unlike me she’s done research. Translation: I’d listen to her. Her talk on Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace is one that everyone who cares about the topic should read. It is THE seminal work on MySpace so far. Heck, every parent should read it as well.