What a party!

More than 100 people showed up at last night’s party. What a night. I’ll wait for the blogs to be written. Thanks to Steve Broback for the magic. We sold a bunch of books, thanks to everyone who bought one, and Jessica Smith’s food was just awesome. We’re uploading photos now. Brandon Paddock said the launch party was “fantastic.” Thanks Brandon, it was great because of the people who showed up. A few CEOs. At least one VC. Journalists from Associated Press and Seattle PI (and that’s if you don’t count all the various bloggers).

And, yes, we owe it all to Buzz Bruggeman. And John and Alison Dillow. They were awesome as hosts. We have tons of pictures up on our Flickr feed. Their house was a major hit with everyone, not to mention their gracious and warm presence. And the sponsorship of Perkins Coie (the law firm that John Dillow works for) was greatly appreciated (they paid for all the food, the coffee bar, and the wine and beer, among other things).

Thanks so much to Shel and Paula Israel. Hope I didn’t embarrass Paula too much. Shel and I got in front of the crowd and told how we decided to write the book together (Andy Ruff, a PM on MSFT’s Entourage team, and Buzz Bruggeman, sat us down at dinner and told us we should write a book together).

Oh, and you gotta check out Chris Pirillo’s review of Naked Conversations! That got Maryam and I to crack up! Thankfully the video ends just in time. 😉

John Tokash says the book is available in Redwood City now too. There were a few Amazon employees at the party tonight and they said they were working hard to get all the books into customers’ hands and that they are sorry for any troubles people have had.

More reports on the party:

Mike Torres. (He has a book coming out about blogging with MSN Spaces, that’s cool!)
Steve Lacey. “Wow. What a house.”
Kintan Brahmbhatt has a picture of him with us.
The RSS team showed up too.
Bob Pritchett.
Blog Business Summit’s DL Byron. “Speaking for the wives, the quote of the night was from Maryam Scoble who said, “The book is all about naked conversations and doesn’t mention Paula (Shel’s wife) or me!””
Charlie Owen: Things I Learned at the Naked Conversations Launch Party.
Julie Leung: links to lots of the people who were there.
Jack William Bell: Says we chose the title to help with search engine optimization. Heheh!
Anita Rowland: Recent cancer survivor, it was really great to see her and hear her treatment had gone well.
Lauri Sandquist: inspired to start her blog back up, has nice report.
Lora Heiny. Notes there was a bit of geekiness there.
Vikram Dendi. Talked about the Dillow’s home and tour of such.
Mitch Ratcliffe on ZDNet (congrats on the new job!): Naked Conversations is a great book for anyone wrestling with what blogging will do for (or against) their business.

Update: we’re on top of Memeorandum/Tech right now.

I’ll post more here as they come in.

Off to first of Naked launch parties

Let’s all get naked!


No, this isn’t a porn site.

I just am excited about seeing Naked Conversations on Technorati’s book list (it’s currently at #5). How is this list generated? From all the links made on all the blogs.

But, if you don’t think that’s cool, here’s a very cool Honda ad that had my brother and I quite astonished (you need to click the “Watch the Civic ad” link once it gets through the Flash preview).

Where will we be tonight? At John and Alison Dillow’s house (by invite only, sorry). It’s the only historic house in Medina. The law firm he works for, Perkins Coie, has graciously sponsored tonight’s party. Watch the flickr feed for pictures.

Tim reads Naked…

Naked Conversations, that is. Heheh. Thanks to Tim Bray of Sun Microsystems for the nice review. He’s the co-inventor of XML and I admire him a lot. His speech last year at Northern Voice was wonderful (can’t wait to see what he says this year).

He’s the first person to pick up on the tone of the writing. He could tell it wasn’t in my voice. Very astute. I did write quite a bit, but then Shel would take what I wrote and rewrote it in his own voice. This bothered me at the beginning, but I realized that a book would need a common voice throughout otherwise it’d be weird. Second, he always improved my writing so who was I to argue? Third, I didn’t have enough time to write the book in my own style.

I’m taking the rest of the day off to hang out with Maryam and Patrick. Hope your weekend is going well!

Want an invite to Naked Conversations’ launch parties

By the way, we’re planning on having launch parties in both Medina, WA (right next door to Jeff Bezos’ house and on the same street as Bill Gates’ house) and in Silicon Valley at TechCrunch’s headquarters (aka Mike Arrington’s house) for our book. If you’d like an invite to one of those, please do contact me. No promises (we have VERY limited space) but we will try to get you in. Those launch parties will probably not be publicized publicly due to the limited space, but they will be pretty nice events. Just email me at rscoble@microsoft.com.

Amazon hooks in Naked Conversations?

When we started our Naked Conversations book blog (the book starts shipping next week, by the way) I never imagined that booksellers would change their practices to include book blogs. Amazon just announced its Connect program that does just that. Here’s the details on Memeorandum and on ClickZ.

This is going to kick off a trend, by the way, of combining walled garden approaches like the one Amazon has with the wide-open hinterlands of the blogs. I’m getting demos of other companies who are similarly looking to make the blog the center of the world. Even at Microsoft we’re starting to think this way. The CES crew asked me yesterday whether I could blog from CES with a special CES tag that they’d use to suck my content in and redistribute it.

Update: TDavid says that Amazon’s new program isn’t a true blog pointing program, but rather something else. He gives details on his blog (no comments and no RSS feeds are allowed, for instance, sigh).