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Book tour part #468

I didn’t realize just how much work publishing a book caused AFTER publishing the book. Shel and I have been on dozens of radio stations, most of which are during drive time on the East Coast which means waking up at 4 a.m.

And then there’s the interviews. Ahh, the interviews! I thought this was glamorous, but it’s hard work to say something new and interesting. Here’s the latest in One Degree. The neat thing about doing so many is that I can experience a variety of interviewing styles and see which ones I like. The ones I like I subscribe to to watch other interviewees on. Ken Schafer’s One Degree is one of those.

On Thursday, Eric Schwartzman interviewed Shel Israel and me for his podcast. Do you know who listens to Eric’s podcast? Some of the top CEOs in the valley. He was an interesting guy to talk with, both on and off of the microphone. In his past life he was a director of promotions for quite a few big Hollywood events. I liked his style and am listening to many of his other podcasts now. Good stuff.

I wish I had more time to listen to more podcasts. There’s so much good stuff out there.

Another great day

It started with a meeting with the Hotmail (er, Windows Live Mail) team this morning. At one point I was chatting with Omar Shahine. Really we were comparing various teams and how they approached both internal employees and external customers. He noted that teams that didn’t answer emails, that didn’t show off their product either internally or externally, and didn’t blog often demonstrate to him that they don’t love their products.

Oh, that just fired me up. That totally explains why I was growing increasingly uneasy with all the sucking up to the A list that has been going on lately. At the Search Engine Strategies conference I heard lots of linking strategies. The SEO’s are coming into blogging just to get onto Google. That’s cool, they discovered part of what makes blogging powerful.

But they are totally missing the other part: that blogging lets you share what you love (and find other people who love what you do). I used the example of a kite lover. If you can find five other kite lovers in your town, isn’t that enough? Why do you need more traffic?

Me, I’m getting sick of the whole traffic game (and, yes, I’m to blame cause I keep writing about it). What makes me happiest? When a geek shows me his or her product.

In the past few hours I’ve seen some remarkable stuff. More in a few.

But, the day ended up today really great. My son is getting great grades and got a good report from his teachers. But even funnier when I picked him up he told me he has a troll on his blog. “Hey, dad, your geek friends are sometimes mean.” I love how he handles the trolls. I wish I could handle my trolls the way he does. Something about being a 12-year-old and getting picked on that gives him the power to tell the supposed adults to get lost.

Anyway, Shel Israel and I gave the closing keynote at the New Communications Forum. Shel Holtz wrote it up and there’s more on Memeorandum. It was a fantastic conversation.

I’m happy to figure out my passions again. I love my son, his insights on life are profound. We gotta do a podcast again.

Edelman gets Naked

I was talking with Richard Edelman yesterday (his blog is here) and he told me he bought about 250 copies of my book. “Oh, were you the one who bought from Amazon?” I asked. Wiley had already seen the spike in sales and reported to us that someone had made a big order. Turned out he was. He’s handing them out to all of his senior managers. Who’s Richard Edelman? He runs the world’s biggest PR firm.

Why was I talking to Richard? Well, Eric Norlin invited me to interview him at the Syndicate Conference in New York in May. Appreciate the order Richard, but if you think I’m gonna go easy on you, you got another thing coming!

It’ll be interesting to find out what Steve Rubel is working on (he just took a senior position at Richard’s firm).

Church of the Customer gets Naked

You know, we’ve gotten tons of reviews for our book. I don’t link to many of them cause, personally, it just gets a little boring after a while. But the Church of the Customer authors just recommended it and I gotta celebrate a bit cause Ben and Jackie are two people I look up to and I remember thinking how cool they were to write a great book and do a good job consulting (I saw them speak at Microsoft a few years back).

Sorry for the celebration. Oh, and nice Photoshop work on our cover, too! Heheh.