Microsoft brings collaboration to Office

Today Microsoft is announcing a beta of Office Live Workspaces (you have to sign up to get access to the beta), which brings a lot of the advantages of Zoho or Google Docs/Spreadsheets to the Office Suite most of us use. Here’s a video where they explain the new service to me.

This is very impressive and takes Office Live a LOT closer to the online office suite that we all are hoping Microsoft brings us. It also demonstrates that Microsoft is going to defend its Office cash cow from newcomers like Zoho and Google Docs/Spreadsheets.

What do you think? Are you as impressed as I was?

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Great list of Office 2.0 apps

Ismael Ghalimi has a wonderful list of Office 2.0 apps that he’s using in his daily work (Office 2.0 are apps that you use to improve your work and which go beyond the standard Microsoft Excel/Word/Powerpoint apps that don’t let you easily collaborate with others). Does anyone else have a list that is better? How many apps/categories on this list do YOU use?

By the way, on Monday morning Microsoft will announce something pretty cool in this area, which is why I’m interested all of a sudden.

One thing I’m seeing missing on Ismael’s list is wiki tools/services. Wetpaint is a good example there and they are announcing something soon for Enterprise users as well. Lots of movement in this space, which makes a list like this even more valuable! Thanks Ismael!