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Mullenweg at Northern Voice

This is the first year I’ve missed the Northern Voice conference. Real bummer, but can’t do every event every year. Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic (the fine people who make the blog software I use here) talked about blogging and social media this morning during his keynote. I’m listening to the audio recording of that now. Matt’s one of the smartest people I know, so I always listen to him to see if he’s noticing something happening that I’ve missed.

UPDATE: I’m about halfway through Matt’s speech and it doesn’t disappoint. I wish I had a video, though.

Microsoft guy talking about Firefox extensions? Huh?

Yesterday at Northern Voice we had a panel discussion called “geeking out.” My part of the panel was spent talking about Firefox extensions. Here’s an audio recording that Kevin Marks did. Huh? Hey, I’m interested in the topic and wanna know which Firefox extensions people find useful. Face-to-face with 100+ geeks you learn a lot that you can’t learn by reading random blogs. Mack Male took notes. “some of which include: Session Saver, Fangs, PDF Download, Download Status, Signature, Fasterfox, Web Developer, Firebug, etc.”
My favorites? Greasemonkey (lets you add all sorts of new behaviors, required for the cocomment greasemonkey script), IE Tab (lets you put IE inside Firefox), Performancing (lets you blog pages you visit), and (lets you tag your pages and add them to

What are your favorite Firefox extensions? Here’s a list of the most popular ones.

Northern Voice, enthusiasts in charge

I like Northern Voice. Why? Cause the enthusiasts are in charge. The photo session I attended was very interesting because it was led by a guy who loves photography. Same for the session on podcasting that I attended.

So, when I introduced Windows Vista, I didn’t bring a script. I didn’t check with the marketing department on the “talking points” that I should cover. What did I do? I invited Chris Pirillo to come and have a conversation with me about Windows Vista. At the end I had several requests for betas, and lots of compliments.

Mack Male has the best list of stuff we showed that I’ve seen so far and ends with: “Vista looks awesome.” Whew, I get to keep my job for another week. :-)

There’s some good reports on the Moosecamp that happened yesterday on Technorati’s tag for moosecamp. More on the northernvoice tag and/or the Northern Voice tag. Hey, there’s too many tags! Shows one problem with folksonomies (we don’t all just pick the same tag to describe one event).