Google and Microsoft to join?

Fortune on CNN is wondering if Google and Microsoft would join forces to go against Apple.


I’m tired of these “who will defend against whom?” articles.

I’d rather hear what each company will do for customers and what they’ll stand for. Not against.

That’s how we’ll build great value.

Look at my mobile post yesterday. I used Google on a Microsoft SmartPhone to make my life better. Value was created.

That’s where we should focus our energies in this industry. I see tons of camera phones. Not enough applications that use them. I see tons of RSS feeds and still haven’t seen an RSS aggregator that really makes me happy (have you tried Dave Winer’s NewsRiver yet? You can get a preview here. I’m trying it and like it.)

We need more partnerships in this industry, not more fighting. And where we fight needs to be done because you have a better idea, not cause you’re trying to tear someone else down.

#71: RSS Bandit author considers OPML reading lists

Dare Obasanjo is one of the authors of RSS Bandit (a really nice free Windows-based RSS Aggregator) and he’s considering OPML reading lists and wants your feedback.

Why does this matter? Well, it’d let you create your own Memeorandum style newspage for instance.

Dare, what I’d like to do is import my 1,400 feeds and then assign a weight to each of them. Some of those bloggers, for instance, write about politics. Some tech. Some family life. So, what I want is to tag them and then give them a weight in each category. Dave Winer, for instance, outweighs Rick Segal in tech, but Rick outweighs Dave in VC.

If I delete a reading list I don’t want to delete the subscriptions. I think we need two different interfaces for those things.

What do you think?